Top 10 Civil Engineering blogs and websites to follow in 2020

Civil Engineering is all about designing, constructing and maintaining buildings and structures. It deals with every process regarding the construction. There are a lot of construction projects like bridges and highways in a highly populated country like India and being a Civil engineer offers plenty of opportunities in the form of projects. Civil engineers are offered with the highest paying jobs. Every year, the number of students choosing Civil Engineering course keeps going up. KCE, one of the top Engineering colleges in Coimbatore provides education with practical exposure for the students of Civil Engineering.

There is also a need to construct buildings without harming our environment and a talented Civil engineer is required for it. It has a lot to do with creativity and people who are passionate about construction opt for Civil Engineering course. KCE, one of the best autonomous Engineering colleges in Coimbatore adds value in the life of every student pursuing engineering education in their institution.

List of blogs and websites to follow for Civil engineers:

1. Civil Engineering Portal

This website gives all the latest information about the new projects for civil engineers. It also helps in the knowledge enhancement of the aspiring engineers.

2. Civil Engineer Blog

The blog provides various information about Civil Engineering, home construction and project management. This helps people who want to have a lifelong career with Civil Engineering.

3. Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)

It provides information and support to civil engineer members who are almost 92000 in number.

4. Construction Placements

It helps the professionals to obtain information on the construction industry, job opportunities in the industry, latest updates and projects in order to grow in their career.

5. Daily Civil

This platform helps the Civil engineers to get educated and well informed about the civil engineering field and its activities around the world.

6. Quora – Civil Engineering

Quora is a public platform for people to ask and answer questions themselves. Information about Civil Engineering is plenty in Quora as there are many experts who answer various questions about the field in this platform regularly.

7. The Constructor

This blog helps the students to bring information and resources of civil engineering online in order to share them with the engineering students worldwide.

8. Constructionweekonline

The platform helps the construction professionals to receive information and insights about the Civil Engineering industry.

9. Civil Read – Concreting Civil Engineers

This learning platform is for the students and professionals to receive regular information and updates about the changes taking place in the Civil Engineering field.

10. Civiconcepts

This blog provides access to e-library with quality education materials for the professionals to learn and share knowledge with others around the world.

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