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Top industries and job roles for MBA graduates

From Amazon to McKinsey and the world’s best-known companies recruiting MBA graduates with better salary packages. If you completed a bachelor’s degree in engineering or science, desire to start a company or have good managerial skills, then you can start your career with an MBA program. The best MBA colleges in Coimbatore under TANCET offer […]

The Future of MCA: Trends and Predictions for the Industry
The Future of MCA: Trends and Predictions for the Industry

Master of computer applications is the postgraduate program usually chosen by computer science or information technology graduates to uplevel their skills. This three-year program helps to produce, and develop the IT professionals for which most of the industry is in demand. So, the students need to gear up to achieve their dreams when they graduate […]

Top MBA college in coimbatore
Top 5 MBA Specializations in Demand in 2023

Today, engineers are likely to upgrade their skills by choosing a master’s degree in business administration which has various pros. Like getting their salary hike, establishing themselves in new startups, and management skills that work better for them. Another reason to get an MBA degree is to level up their career after the bachelor’s degree. […]