M.E. Mechatronics

About the Department

Department of Mechanical Engineering is continuously striving to achieve excellence in academic and industry oriented research along with consultancy work offering service to the society.
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We aim to provide our students a perfect blend of intellectual and practical exposure that helps them to serve our society and address a variety of needs of the society.Post Graduate Engineering in Mechatronics is established with an intake of 18 in the academic year 2007-2008 under the umbrella of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The department, apart from the undergraduate program, is engaged in many other activities such as industrial consultancy, industrial training, research, organizing seminars and conferences.

On completion of the degree, our students are prepared for entry-level work in the field of science that includes a combination of Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, Computer Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, Systems Engineering and Control Engineering. Academic course work and project works offered at the end of the course are designed to endow students with the ability to apply knowledge of Science, Mathematics, and Engineering, and the capability to work effectively in multidisciplinary teams, providing leadership and to utilize technical expertise.

Lab Facilities

  • Mechatronics Lab-I
  • Mechatronics Lab-II

Courses Offered

  • M.E. Mechatronics
  • Ph.D Mechanical Engineering
HOD Profile

Professor and Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Has 15 years of teaching, 5 years of Research experience with 39 International Journal publications and 2 Awards to his credit

S.No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Anuradha. K. K. Associate Professor and Director
2 Dr. Selvavinayaki. K. Assistant Professor
3 Ms. Ratna Priya. K. Assistant Professor
4 Mr. Nagarajan. P. Assistant Professor
5 Ms. Kavitha. M. Assistant Professor
6 Ms. Latha Siva Sangari. V. Assistant Professor
7 Mr. Senthilkumar. K. Assistant Professor
8 Ms. Gomathi. R. Assistant Professor
9 Ms. Uma Maheswari. K. Assistant Professor
10 Mr. Ram Prashath. R. Assistant Professor
11 Mr. Manojkumar. R. Assistant Professor
12 Ms. Stephygraph Jegajothi Assistant Professor
13 Ms. Sridevi. K. Assistant Professor
14 Ms. Gayathri. K. Assistant Professor
15 Ms. Uvasri. V. Assistant Professor