Department of Management Studies

About the Department

The Department of Management Studies was established in the year 2002. It is a Centre for Excellence in preparing the students to be Corporate Ready leaders with philanthropic values and ethics. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a 4 semester regular programme spread over two academic years. The Department got its autonomy in the year 2007, since then it has freedom to design and develop curriculum to the current requirement of corporate community. The course structure is designed to impart knowledge of the core management concepts and techniques in the first year which are, thereafter, upgraded to advanced knowledge and practicing skills in the areas of specialization opted for by the students in the final year.
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Specializations are offered in the areas of Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Systems, Operations, Airline & Airport Management*, Hospital Management* and Shipping and Logistics Management*. The Department has an exclusive Library with 12227 books, 3315 titles, 15 International Journals, 31 National Magazines, and 53 National Journals; with CD’s for reference and is also a member of J-GATE. (*Awaiting Approval).

The department is facilitated by signing of MOUs with Corporate, Innovatus System, Coimbatore, Consortium Clinical research (P) Ltd., and Tamilnadu Corporation for Development of Women (TNCDW), Mahalir Thittam, Coimbatore for better Industry-Institution Interaction. The commitments of the institution and all its Leaders and Stakeholders have helped the department in gaining Autonomous status and a unique position among B Schools in Coimbatore.


We encourage students to take up online certification programs with NPTEL, Swayam & Udemy, based on their interest. They can choose any one of the Value Added programme/Certification Course based on their specialization.

  • Customs Clearance
  • Digital Marketing
  • Soft Skill training and development
  • Confluence Certified Recruiter
  • Six Sigma -Green Belt
  • NCFM-NSE’s Certification of Financial Marketing(India)
  • IICA Certificate Programme(ICP) in CSR
  • NIMHAMS-Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Certificate programme on Business Analytics and Intelligence

Education in KARPAGAM COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING is rich, demanding and transformative. The mastery demonstrated by KCE graduates across the professional and vocational spectrum and the influence they wield – whether in their own communities or on the world stage – is testament to a singularly empowering postgraduate experience. KCE education fosters in students the highest standard of readiness for the ‘real world,’ in terms of their ability to think, to act and to contribute effectively in their chosen areas of interest. We, at the Faculty of Management Studies, KCE, give special focus to areas given below:

On admission, the students are divided into small groups. Each group is attached to a faculty mentor who will be their friend, philosopher and guide for the next two years of their study at KCE. These groups meet frequently to analyze what they have studied the previous week or what they have read in the library or maybe to discuss an issue if anyone in the group faces one. Members of these groups make regular presentations on current topics. The faculty member will closely monitor all the activities of the group attached to him and mentor them. This helps the students shed their inhibitions, develop communication skills and become good public speakers and communicators. Students also learn the intricacies of human relations, methods of problem solving and decision making

Curriculum Pedagogy provides the experience of “Google Class room” by which management students are mould to be fit into Digital Knowledge Driven world. Class rooms with smart boards enables digital connectivity. Each student has got their individual laptops and transfers the teaching content from smart boards without time delay. The Technologies and Facilities are settled up to develop highly competent talents in all students.


Experiential Management Learning Programme is an innovative learning system in management wherein every student is guided and activated to develop his skills in communication, presentation, interpersonal relations, public speaking etc. to ensure that the student becomes a successful manager in today’s competitive market-driven economy. ‘Practice makes one perfect’ is the principle behind this programme.

  • Management Club activities
  • Indoor Activities
  • Management Fest Competitions
  • Industrial Visits
  • Group Discussions/Debates
  • Quiz Contest
  • Business News
  • Brain Storming
  • Off Campus Corporate Meets


This is a two-day training programme where students are taken to rural / hilly place and activity-oriented trainings are given. OBT is designed to bring out management skills like planning, organizing, decision making, communication, team building and adaptability in the students. The harshness of the natural environment inculcates hardiness and discipline among students.

Students are taken for a five day national visit (anywhere in India, outside Tamil Nadu), and a weeklong international visit. They are given the golden opportunities to meet and interact with the eminent personalities of the industry they are visiting and understand the multi facets of business. Enriching industry interaction sessions with professionals, give students insights into the tried and tested avenues of business.


We bring in experts from wherever they are, to train and sharpen the faculties of our students in all the skills referred to here, and to empower them to face the challenges of the Knowledge Driven Era.

Curriculum and Pedagogy ensures efficient delivery through an interactive learning process. Students should know there are special moments that pull everything we have learned into focus. When theory, practice, experience, and talent all come to one sharp point—a decision that shapes a definitive course of action. When it’s no longer an issue of what can be done, but of what you will do.


One must have the ability to effectively communicate in a friendly way. Though this looks easy, one needs tremendous amount of training to achieve this ostensibly simple skill. Daily News reading, Scan 360° exercises, language software’s, Communicative English Classes, Corporate Interactions, etc enhances the language skills of our budding managers.

Getting on with people is an art in which only very few people excel. One can learn this art through proper training. To be a member of a team one has to have the skill to get on with people.


A socially responsible manager always adds an ethical dimension to whatever he does to promote his business and continuously inculcates in his team a sense of value aimed at the well-being of the society. Faculty of Management Studies ensures every student leaves its campus with a firm belief in ethical and moral values.


To create a unique academic space for nurturing the finest management thinking, creating innovative, futuristic, socially responsible and environmentally responsive practitioners, leaders and educators.


  • Foster excellence by providing the Quality education in Business Management.
  • Create a competitive environment for the students to upgrade their knowledge and sharpen the skills.
  • Encourage faculty to undertake research and consultancy assignments.
  • Foster continuous learning with updated/ upgraded pedagogical methods.
  • Cultivating the principles of Social Responsibility, Ethics and Spiritual Values among budding managers.
  • Promoting self employment through Entrepreneurship.

Courses Offered

  • MBA – Master of Business Administration

Lab Facilities

  • MBA Lab 1
  • MBA Lab 2

Programme Educational Objectives

  • PEO 1:The MBA graduates will be successfully engaged in multidisciplinary domains in the chosen management discipline.
  • PEO 2:The MBA graduates will be able to exhibit personal and professional leadership in the work and community environment.
  • PEO 3:The MBA graduates engaging formal and informal learning opportunities to maintain and enhance professional and personal growth.
Programme Outcomes (POs)

At the end of the programme the students will have ability

  • To demonstrate conceptual grounding in business theory and practice.
  • To identify a problem, analyze, formulate and use the appropriate managerial skills for obtaining its solution.
  • To function effectively on multi-disciplinary teams (Team work) .
  • To capitalize conceptual business foundations to solve practical decision-making problems, both individually and as part of teams using techniques such as case analysis, projects and assignments.
  • To understand professional, ethical, legal, financial, marketing, sales, logistical security and social issues and responsibilities (Professional integrity).
  • To use current techniques, skills, and tools necessary for managerial practice (Practical managerial analysis skills).
  • To demonstrate a critical awareness of current issues (e.g., diversity, social responsibility, sustainability, innovation, knowledge management, etc.) in business and management which is informed by leading edged research and practice in the field.
  • To demonstrate ability to understand and adapt to global market changes and industry dynamics.
HOD Profile

Professor and DirectorHas a 19 years of teaching and corporate experience. She is a passionate corporate trainer and motivational speaker. She has published 5 books and 63 articles in various National and international journals. 4 scholars have completed their Ph.D under her guidance. She is Owning 2 patents and 2 awards Indragandhi Sadhbhavana Award & International Business Council award, She is Pink Ambassador for India Turns Pink ‘2023.

S.No Name Designation Qualification DOJ
1 Dr. Vanithamani M R Director MBA, MS, Ph.D 15-06-2018
2 Mr. Azarudheen S Assistant Professor MBA 02-01-2017
3 Mrs. Amudha S Assistant Professor MBA 03-10-2017
4 Mr. Abhishek Narayan J Assistant Professor MBA 04-07-2018
5 Mr. Thamizharasu NA Assistant Professor MBA 26-07-2018
6 Mr. Dinakaran R Assistant Professor MBA 09-09-2019
7 Ms. Divya K P Assistant Professor MBA 12-04-2021
8 Mrs. Nirmala C Assistant Professor MBA 21-03-2022
9 Ms. Kavitha K Assistant Professor MBA 30-03-2022
10 Ms. Gobika M Assistant Professor MBA 05-08-2022
11 Ms. Vaisshnave S Assistant Professor MBA 08-11-2022
12 Dr. Vimala K Assistant Professor MBA, M.Phil, Ph.D 01-12-2022
13 Mrs. Smrithi K S Assistant Professor MBA, (Ph.D) 25-09-2023
14 Mr. Jothilingam D Assistant Professor MBA 25-10-2023
15 Mr. Santhosh Kumar S Assistant Professor MBA 27-11-2023