Top industries and job roles for MBA graduates

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From Amazon to McKinsey and the world’s best-known companies recruiting MBA graduates with better salary packages. If you completed a bachelor’s degree in engineering or science, desire to start a company or have good managerial skills, then you can start your career with an MBA program. The best MBA colleges in Coimbatore under TANCET offer courses with various specializations where you can choose your preferred MBA program. In every area of business from marketing to finance, strategy to execution, the managers are responsible across various industries. This article emphasizes the highest paying jobs after your MBA courses and their responsibilities in the specific area.

Industry/Job Roles for MBA Graduates:

The MBA course offers a bright future to the students who apply for it. The demand for MBA in India is surging and may expect the surge to continue to grow in future. Every business requires professionals who can manage customers and also yield profit. The more the investment, can find job opportunities along with the technology growth the master course in management studies is a worthy career to start. Let’s discuss the sectors and managers’ role requirements.

Health and medical services:

Companies that provide healthcare and medical services recognise the necessity for qualified business leaders. Such organizations need complex analysis and decision-making based on the data potential of a health services manager to maintain daily operations, manage finances, and reduce costs while optimizing quality. MBA graduates with a specialization in healthcare management may easily secure managerial positions with six-figure wages anywhere in the world. MBA positions in healthcare range from management in hospitals and clinics to consulting in insurance and pharmaceuticals.

Business operations:

Business operations managers with MBAs do a variety of tasks, including analyzing and organizing a company’s supply chain, enhancing the cost-efficiency of getting items to customers, and developing systems for turning inputs into outputs. MBA graduates are in significant demand as managers to manage the change in operational processes as companies move towards remote labour or online sales of goods and services.

Financial manager:

Preparing to address cash flow issues, examine financial reports, and keep an eye on business budgets and project performance of key financial initiatives are some of the key responsibilities of a finance manager. MBA graduates with these skills can get the opportunity to acquire top positions like chief financial officer. You can expect a high salary package often for top-tier executives and it is a huge return on investment for the MBA graduates.

Marketing management:

Marketing managers are smart corporate leaders in charge of analyzing market demands, establishing marketing strategies, directing marketing teams, and coming up with effective techniques for boosting sales and attracting new clients. Because almost every business in almost every industry has a service or good to sell, the position of marketing manager is a fast-growing one. The e-commerce sector is one good example of hiring marketing managers for their businesses to reach their customers.

Business intelligence:

Analyzing the market trends, identifying profitable business opportunities, and current business performance are the main roles which help businesses forecast the future market and impact of the business mission. MBA graduates are in the role of making data-driven decisions with the shifting of business data into business intelligence. Business intelligence experts collect and manage information from computers with sophisticated tools and use strong decision-making based on information qualities.

Data Analyst:

An MBA in data analytics opens opportunities to acquire job positions like data analyst where you can meet the demand for this role in today’s business market. The responsibilities are collecting, organizing and analyzing the data which helps the business and other departments to make better-informed decisions with the proper findings. Big data and analytics are two specializations which are expected to dominate the future jobs and expected MBA graduates will be able to fill the role in future.

Operation management:

There are various industries requiring operation management including retail, logistics, hospitality, transportation, manufacturing, construction and information technology. The operation management responsibilities include business operations, product quality and cost, manufacturing time, enhanced productivity, customer satisfaction, and enterprise resource planning (ERP).

Retail management:

An MBA in retail management offers a wide range of career opportunities in the retail industry. Develop managerial skills that help to explore the retail industry with various job roles including product manager, marketing executive, sales manager, and retail store manager etc., You can look for top companies that require retail management including Amazon, Panasonic, Flipkart, HCL, Nestle, eBay.


The above sectors and positions clearly explain the requirements of MBA graduates in today’s business. Therefore, you can find the best engineering colleges in Coimbatore offering courses to bachelor’s degree holders who have aspirations to kick start their career as entrepreneurs or top company executives or managers. As the business grows, you can find the various departments based on which you can prefer your MBA specialisations. Set your goals, develop your skills and aim for the best jobs with high pay-offs.