5 mental challenges faced by the students in this digital era

Gone are the days when the students could learn only in the classrooms and libraries. We are witnessing a tremendous revolution in technology and there is a wide scope for everyone to learn any subject through the digital devices today. There are plenty of advantages due to this growth in technology but like any advancement, this too has its set of complications, especially for the student community. They undergo a lot of mental challenges due to the advent of technology in various ways. KCE, one of the top Engineering colleges in Coimbatore provides the right awareness to the students on the usage of technology.

1. Depression

One may think that technology is only helping the mental growth of the students but it is not. The process of learning has become simple but it has also increased the workload of the students. Since it is considered that the students are able to multi-task with various devices, they are given more amount of work by the institutions which leads to depression. KCE, one of the best colleges for Engineering in Tamil Nadu offers personal counseling to the students through faculty members in order to eradicate depression.

2. Relationship issues

The students tend to worry a lot today on things that don’t actually matter to them in this age. This affects their quality of relationship with friends, family and others. Overthinking about the future by watching videos and reading articles on the internet often leads to unhappiness with the existing relationships. The students should concentrate only on their studies and every good thing will follow automatically.

3. Eating disorder

It is good to maintain proper diet from an young age to avoid diseases and to live a healthy life. But when you concentrate too much on the intake of food and keep thinking about it all the time, it becomes a disorder. There are plenty of information available on the internet regarding different kinds of diets and the younger generation tries to follow them all at a time which eventually becomes a psychological disorder.

4. Addiction

The invention of smartphones has brought the entire world in our hands and there is no surprise that the students who have more access to it are influenced by it. As they say, nothing is good when it is consumed more. Many students are getting addicted to smartphones and other gadgets today and they spend a lot of time with it which affects their quality of life. It is important to get out of such addiction as soon as possible.

5. Insomnia

Due to the excessive engagement in the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., the younger generation, especially the student community is affected by various diseases that includes the lack of sleep called insomnia. The percentage of students affected by insomnia is increasing year by year and the students must realize that they should not overuse any technology that could spoil their health and livelihood.

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