Websites You Need To Know For Unlimited Learning Resources

Learning is a lifelong journey. We all have interests and passions we want to learn more about or dream skills we’d love to develop – and these evolve throughout our lives.

A self-directed approach to learning allows you to identify your interests and learning needs, set your own development goals and then put them into action.

With that in mind, we’ve curated a collection of free learning resources to help you learn more about the topics you love, upskill and kick goals! You can toggle through them and choose to go with the one you prefer the best. This will be a good inclusion in your skills apart from getting the right knowledge from KCE, the best Information Technology Colleges in Coimbatore.

1. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn is the professional social media channel through which you can network with industry leaders and discover job opportunities. LinkedIn Learning is the site’s hub of video courses to help grow your skills and accomplish your goals. Although the majority of LinkedIn Learning’s 13,000 courses are subscription-based, some courses are free! You can add them to your list to go along with your regular study at KCE, a Top engineering college.

2. CrashCourse

With more than 10.8 million subscribers around the world, Crash Course is a free educational YouTube channel started by author/sibling duo John and Hank Green. With courses ranging from the humanities to the sciences, Crash Course transforms the traditional textbook model by presenting information in a fast-paced format of 10-20 min videos. Whether you are looking to brush up on your business knowledge or looking for some motivation to chase your career goals – there is a CrashCourse video for everyone!


Want to develop practical skills and experience across a range of industries? TAFE NSW, in conjunction with the NSW Government, is offering 21 fee-free* accredited short courses during COVID-19 to people over 17 who live or work in NSW and are Australian or New Zealand citizens, permanent residents or humanitarian visa holders. Make the most out of your free time and undertake a short course to help diversify your skillset.


Are you looking to develop new skills and advance your career without spending your hard-earned cash? Check out Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) – free online courses available for anyone to enrol. Developed by staff from universities around the world, MOOCs are online courses that provide students with the same level of teaching and learning as classroom-style education. With a world of training and knowledge at your fingertips, why not start a MOOC today? This will scale up your skills along with the knowledge you are gaining at the Best Mechanical Engineering College in Coimbatore.

 5. Coursera

Coursera is a leading online platform for higher education. Designed and taught by instructors from leading universities and companies, Coursera provides students with the opportunity to learn something new, anywhere and anytime. Hundreds of Coursera’s online courses are free* and give students access to on-demand video lectures, homework experiences, and community discussion forums. With subjects like business, computer science, data science and more – you can sign up for a free course and take the next step closer to achieving your personal and professional goals!

6. edX

Founded by Harvard and MIT, edX’s mission is to increase access to high-quality education by removing the barriers of cost and location. edX is a trusted education and learning platform for curious minds, supporting more than 20 million learners at every stage of their career journey. Enrol on courses on topics including ‘Business Management’, ‘Introduction to Investments’ and ‘Becoming a Successful Leader,’ and many more.