Tips To Craft A Stellar Resume That Will Make You Stand Out

You might have heard it a lot of time that first impressions are crucial, and your first interaction with a recruiter is no different.

Building a good resume means providing hiring managers and recruiters with clear answers to questions asked during the interview you appear after completing your studies at KCE, the Best Engineering College in Coimbatore. Pruning your experience, education, projects, skills, and hobbies down to a page or two can be challenging, so here are a couple of tips to help you craft the perfect resume for your next job application.

1. Tailor each resume

Once you look to appear in your dream interview after completing graduation from KCE, Top Engineering Colleges you should know one very important thing. You must tailor your resume to fit each job you apply effectively to stand out. Research the company, check out the tools they use, skim through their engineers’ profiles on sites like LinkedIn, and read the company’s engineering blog. Another way to do this is thoroughly reading the job description without skipping directly to the “Requirements” section.

2. Know the importance of formatting

In a job landscape where it’s common to find over 50,000 applications for a single role, the way you present your resume matters a lot. In recent years, creative ones like video resumes and resumes hidden in food delivery boxes have taken off in popularity. But don’t worry, since you would have graduated from a reputed college like the Top Engineering College in Coimbatore and you don’t have to make a stop at the local bakery for every job you apply to. Just ensure your resume has better readability with simple font and avoiding flashy colours than a two-column one. Follow the chronological format of presenting your information instead of the functional format.

3. Mention soft skills along with hard skills

Demonstrating your ability to communicate effectively and think creatively among others is more important now than ever as businesses are adjusting to a remote-first world. Typically, soft skills are deemed to be important only in customer-facing roles like sales and customer support but tech roles demand just as much communication, if not more, in today’s world. Complimenting the soft skills that you learned at the Top Civil Engineering College in Coimbatore with real-world examples like presenting a tech talk or attending networking events can heavily strengthen your resume.

4. Match your actions highly with the words

Many commonly used and freely available templates online will encourage you to put verbose summaries or vague-sounding action points, but it’s best to avoid long and arbitrary sentences on your resume. While tracking systems do look for keywords in resumes, remember to keep their use controlled. Recruiters and hiring managers usually don’t spend too much time parsing through a resume, and they don’t want to spend time searching for evidence for the claim you make on your resume.

5. Keep the top of your resume shining

If a recruiter only spends mere seconds reading your resume and the top of your resume is the first thing they read, it better be captivating. At reputed colleges such as KCE, the Best MCA College in Coimbatore you will learn the basics of resume making before applying for jobs. Here are some tips for beefing up the top section of your resume:

  • You can choose between two options: summary or objective to add below your name. Pick a summary if you’ve had relevant industry experiences and objectives if you’re a fresher.
  • Don’t overdo your contact information – an active email ID and contact number are enough information for recruiters.
  • Unless necessary, avoid inserting your photo in the resume.