The 5 definitive tips to becoming a skilled engineer

Just completing a B.E., degree doesn’t make you an engineer completely. You might have a degree, but you are not a skilled engineer. Your skills should be developed gradually in the 4 years of your under graduation in Engineering. The eminent professors of Karpagam College of Engineering (KCE) advise their students withthe 5 most important and definitive tips which will make you a skilled engineer. KCE is a well-known and the Best Engineering College in Coimbatore. Read further to know about them in detail.

1. Understand the concepts and applications of your major

As an engineering student, you might be from different major subjects and specialisations such as mechanical engineering, electrical, electronics, computer science, etc. It is important as an engineering student to clearly understand the concepts and applications of your major.

You should first clearly know what kind of specialized engineer you are and how your skills can be applied in various industries. A comparative study can help you in this. Know about the applications of different engineering subjects and compare them with your major. This gives clarity about your field.

Some engineering majors are correlated with each other such as the EEE and ECE, IT and computer science. Be clear on what is the difference. You may not get clarity in the first year of your UG, but as you go to the second year and start studying different subjects,you must know the difference clearly between various engineering fields. First, a skilled engineer should know what he is specialized in.

2.  Get work experience via Internships

As you study for your B.E., gaining work experience can help you become a skilled engineer. You can work part-time or get internships in various industries during your semester holidays. This increases your practical knowledge in your engineering stream and greatly develops your skills.

At Karpagam College of Engineering, we have contacts with various companies in which our students undergo internships and training to gain knowledge and skills.

3.  Plan for Long term

When you want to become a skilled engineer, it is important that you plan your things long-term. Just planning to pass the semester exams is not going to develop your skills. As a student, you should also think of ways to develop your skills and this should be planned for the long term. As mentioned above getting work experience also helps.

You cannot learn all in your UG course. You might be interested in specializing further in your engineering major such as learning robotics, artificial intelligence, embedded systems, etc. In those cases, you can opt to learn some specialized courses, at Top 10 Computer Science Engineering Colleges in Coimbatore to develop your skills in different areas.

You can also plan to do your post-graduation. So, as an engineer, your planning should be long-term which will help you in developing and specializing your skills.

4. Have a mentor

Having a mentor can really help you to ease the pathway to becoming a skilled engineer. A mentor can be any of your professors or anyone who has excelled in your engineering field. They should already have a prior experience in your engineering field, and they can easily help you develop your skills. They can teach you and guide you to develop your skills. They can prescribe avenues, companies and give contacts which can help you to develop your skills step by step. A good mentor can make you excel as a skilled engineer in a proper way.

5. Try to develop working models

Engineering is all about applications. Just learning the theory is not going to develop your skills. You have to apply your theory to practice. This means you have to try to make working models. This can be a software or a machine or a robot depending on your engineering major.

Take the help of your professors and mentors to develop the working models. You can also form a group with your friends to execute your projects. This gives you hands-on training and experience on the concepts you have learnt.

A working model you develop now can become a product in the future. This will develop your skills to a greater extent and helps you in placements. All the professors ofKarpagam College of engineering encourage and help the students in creating working models.

The above-mentioned 5 definitive tips will really help you to become a skilled engineer. Skill is really important to becoming an engineer. So, train yourself and develop your skills. Select a college which focuses on developing your skills rather than just focusing on exams and marks. Your college plays the main role in defining whether you are a skilled and a successful engineer or not.

Karpagam College of Engineering (KCE) is one of the Top 5 Engineering Colleges in Coimbatore for engineering where they teach engineering as a skill. We develop the skills of engineering in students by providing them with practical knowledge and industrial experience. This makes the placements of KCEstudents easy. This proves KCE to be one of the best placement colleges in the Coimbatore and Tamilnadu region.

Students graduated and the alumni from KCE are placed in big MNCs in higher and senior positions. This shows how we imbibe the skill of engineering in our students through our teaching.