Pros and Cons of E-learning

Learning is an important aspect of life and it is vital to keep learning irrespective of the current situation and resource availability. When the world was stuck with Covid’19 wave, education for children became a big question mark. Though no immediate step could be taken, e-learning was chosen as the temporary solution. E-learning is replacing classroom learning not just during the pandemic but also in foreign countries on a regular basis. Like everything else, this method has several advantages and disadvantages to it. KCE, one of the Engineering colleges in Coimbatore provides effective online coaching to the students.

Learning online provides a comfort to the teachers and the students of being at their homes. It is considered an independent form of learning. This method helps the students to learn their courses either full time or part time according to their interest and convenience. During a pandemic like Covid, e-learning has become the savior as the students could continue their study without any break which could have eventually affected their career. The resources are plenty when it comes to online learning and the individuals can afford those resources online without having to come out. This flexibility is one of the major advantages of pursuing e-learning and it helps especially during difficult situations.

Accessibility is an important part of education. E-learning helps people with disabilities as they can get educated from their own place without having to travel long distances. When it comes to people who are passionate about a specific subject, they can get trained whenever they want through online learning. If there is any confusion or need for clarity, the students can get the required information online from their teachers. E-learning removes the gap between people irrespective of their geographical locations. KCE, one of the best autonomous Engineering colleges in Coimbatore strives towards making education accessible to everyone irrespective of their physical, financial and social conditions.

On the flip side, the students can get only the theoretical knowledge on their subjects when they learn online. It is difficult to give them practical education. In the classrooms, the students get to interact directly with their teachers and clear their doubts which is missing in e-learning. It is difficult to ensure the security of the online forums as they can be hacked. When it comes to the examinations, physical presence of the students is very important and when they write their exams online, there is a chance of them getting involved in fraudulent activities. The students cannot be expected to write detailed answers online. It is to be noted that learning through books is more deep and long-lasting. Nevertheless, e-learning has become a part of our lives and people should use it effectively to strengthen their life and career.

Karpagam College of Engineering, one of the best Engineering colleges in Coimbatore, is committed towards providing quality education with modern technology and creation of proficient engineers. With accreditations from top organizations, the aim of KCE is to create future leaders with exemplary knowledge and skills.