Online Counselling – Pros and Cons

Engineering Counselling is a very important process in the life of every aspiring engineer. The students, after completing their school education, enter the world of college education with huge dreams. They make a lot of research before choosing the right course. In the same way, they have a set of favorite colleges to pursue their engineering education. In this regard, Counselling plays an important role in deciding their future as it finalizes the institution to study. Due to the COVID’19 pandemic this year, TNEA Counselling 2020 will be done entirely online. Though online counselling is not going to be a difficult process since the candidates are well versed in the use of internet and online communication, it will be a new experience for them with certain pros and cons. KCE, one of the top Engineering colleges in Coimbatore. It is one of the most preferred institutions for youngsters to study Engineering.

Pros of Online Counselling:

* As the youngsters are prone to the novel coronavirus, online counselling would prevent them from being exposed to the disease.

* Travelling requires a lot of formalities now due to the pandemic. Online counselling will eliminate the need to travel from one place to another.

* The counselling process will be quicker when done online.

* Online counselling will be helpful for the differently abled students to attend from their homes.

* The candidates can make their own decisions without any room for confusions or distractions.

Cons of Online Counselling:

* Physical verification of the candidates is not possible.

* There is a scope for the candidates to provide fake information.

* The candidates will miss the outside exposure and experience of attending a counselling directly.

* The body language of the candidates cannot be accurately monitored during online counselling.

* During the usual process of counselling, the candidates will be able to receive various suggestions and perspectives of other candidates about different colleges. It will be missed during online counselling.

It is important for the students to have confidence and determination while attending a counselling. Even if they do not get admission in the college of their preference, they should never give up any of their dreams. It is the duty of the parents to motivate them and make sure that their children are practical enough to face the online counselling process. The students should thoroughly go through the rules and regulations of online counselling in order to avoid any last minute confusion. The focus should be more on shaping their career in the way they like. Only then, they can give their best effort in their studies. Once the students enter KCE, which is one of the best autonomous Engineering colleges in Coimbatore, they will be taught the essential life skills in order to shine everywhere after pursuing their education.

Karpagam College of Engineering, one of the best Engineering colleges in Coimbatore, is committed towards providing quality education with modern technology and create proficient engineers. With accreditations from top organizations, the aim of KCE is to create future leaders with exemplary knowledge and skills.