Job vs Career: 5 key differences you need to understand

After completing the graduation, it is the dream of every youngster to secure a job with a good pay in an organization with a better infrastructure. To fulfill this dream, the aspiring youngsters search for jobs and attend plenty of interviews. Once they get selected in a reputed company, the next step is to chart out their career. While a job is just about doing a work and getting paid, a career is more deep as it includes a job, good pay, growth in designation and personal development. KCE, one of the best Information Technology colleges in Coimbatore plays a great role in enabling a wonderful career for the students.

Differences between a Job and a Career

1. A job search is usually for a short term. After completing the graduation, people search for a good job and once they secure it, the search for job gets over at least for a temporary period of time. But a career is something that an individual keeps thinking about for a very long time. It involves great courage, hardwork and passion to get into a career in a field that a person is interested in. The search for career is usually long term.

2. An individual is expected to invest his/her time, energy and skills to excel in a job and when it comes to career, it is something that an individual should work towards for the whole life. It all starts with a job and then the individual must concentrate in building it as a career for life. Career is a long journey while job is like a short trip.

3. A job can be a temporary solution to fulfill the needs of the individual and the family. It is very much required to carry out our daily lives. When it comes to the career, there is no hard and fast rule of getting to the destination. A career is something that is very much closer to the heart of an individual and he would pursue it as long as he lives.

4. When you complete a degree and you have the basic working skills, you are all set to enter a job. On the other hand, when you look for a career in a particular field, you need specialization in that field to yield better results. This is one of the major differences between a job and a career.

5. In a job, you have a fixed working schedule and there is no need to work beyond that. Since attaining a career is more about learning, there is no particular time fixed to learn and work. You need to be passionately working round the clock to reach your desired career. KCE, one of the top colleges for Engineering in India provides the essential resources for the students to excel in their careers.

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