Impact of social networks in students’ life

The need for social networks in everyday life is huge today and it is important to understand them before actually using them for various purposes. The arrival of various social networks is helping us to communicate easier and quicker with people across the world. The introduction of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has completely changed the way in which people used to exchange information between them. It is an important factor to be noted that social media is used more by the students today than any other age group. It creates a huge impact in their education and life. KCE, one of the best autonomous Engineering colleges in Coimbatore provides complete awareness to the students on the effective usage of social networks.

The various social networks help in better connectivity among the students and it helps them to collect valuable resources for their academics. For example, YouTube helps them to learn a lot of things related to their subjects which could reproduce during their exams. The social media also enhances the creativity of the students as they could view the creations of various academicians and talented writers from around the world. This helps in the enhancement of their academic performance. The students can also learn their favorite courses online whenever they are free. This flexibility is a very important and positive aspect of social media.

The students can create new friendships using the online forums and it will help them in various ways in their education and career. They would be exposed to new opportunities through people from other locations which wouldn’t have been possible without the social networks. The usage of social media makes many students innovative and highly updated. If a student wants to be connected and engaged consistently, then it is important to be active on the social networking platforms. On the other hand, there are certain limitations when it comes to youngsters using social media regularly. KCE, one of the best Mechanical Engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu monitors the students and controls them from getting addicted to social media.

When the students use social media networks excessively, they tend to waste most of their time on it as it provides unlimited entertainment. This will impact them negatively bi causing enormous distraction from their studies. There will be a bigger impact on the health of the students also when they use social media for a very long time. The habit of reading has come down drastically in the last few years due to the advent of the social media networks as the students try to find everything online and not through books and journals. Every invention is done to enhance our living and it is in the hands of the students to use social media effectively for their betterment.

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