Role of Social Media in a Student’s Life

What is the Role of Social Media in a student’s life?

Student’s life revolves around social media in some way. After social media, students, teachers, and parents have partially replaced traditional education and are relying on it for information regarding classes, tests, and results. The students find it simple to communicate, share, and have discussions with their professors and peers.

The important thing to remember is that social media plays a big part in helping students learn, network, and find professional possibilities. Additionally, it’s critical to observe usage restrictions because abuse or unfavorable influences can have detrimental effects. Let’s discuss social media’s strengths and pitfalls in a student’s life.

Role of Social Media in a Student’s Life

Listed below are the reasons that social media networks build and bring a firm foundation for students.

  1. Make Friends Online:

    One of the benefits of social media today is the ability to make acquaintances online. You might establish a connection with your friend who attended elementary school. Alternatively, you can connect with anyone with whom you share friends and interests. Social media platforms provide the space to communicate with each other, which is helpful for student education. Online courses are popular because they allow students to learn from any location. Majority of India and Coimbatore famous engineering colleges have started offering online courses.

  2. Find the Information Easily:

    The content or information shared on social media platforms will be useful for the students. The information includes current events, news, career opportunities, how-to, facts and creative fields to help the youth discover and learn new things. People can learn crucial information about anything they want to know with just a few quick clicks on social media platforms, and that information is available in real-time.

  3. Enjoy the Privilege of Being in a Community:

    Social media assists in bringing individuals together who have similar interests, expose them to the outside world and helps them learn how to interact with vast communities. They can connect with anybody and share their ideas about their mutual interest. It promotes a community spirit.

  4. Have Fun With Your Friends:

    Social media is a great place to learn because it attracts many inventive people who enjoy developing unique ideas in the same sector. Online games are another sort of entertainment that is popular among students and has developed large communities. Students use these methods to distract themselves from stress.

  5. Learn Free of Cost:

    The major benefit of social media for students is learning. When they are unable to interact with their teachers in person, students utilize social media to communicate with them and ask questions. Currently, any student may study anything from anywhere in the world thanks to social media’s wonderful characteristics.

The other pros of having social media are no borders in learning and showcasing skills. Focus on your personal work and keep in mind that you must not let social media control your life. We have complied with the consequences of what would be the negative effects of social media platforms.

Disadvantages of Social Media in Students’ life:

  1. Addiction:

    Overuse of social media leads to addiction that can lead to profound negative implications for their mental as well as physical health. Once a student becomes overly dependent on social media, they get easily distracted from their studies. Recent studies have shown that students frequently spend too much time on social media and neglect to complete the crucial tasks required for their academic success.

  2. Problem with Socialization:

    Commonly, social media discourages offline interaction with friends and family and encourages isolation. As a result, self-isolation has a negative impact on mental health, and some students quit going outside or interacting with people.

  3. Cyberbullying:

    Cybercrime is the main risk and hazard facing contemporary society. The ability to use social media with an anonymous identity is one of its features. These cyberbullies harass other individuals by sending improper messages, leaving offensive comments on images that other people have shared, and in many other ways. For fun, they create false accounts in which they represent themselves and bother others. Cyberbullying’s consequences, which include panic attacks, clinical depression, and other severe mental health issues can persist for a very long time.

  4. Inappropriate content:

    Everyone has the ability to express themselves freely on social media platforms, which is a great thing in the modern world, but this freedom of expression frequently has negative effects. Students and teenagers who use social media may do so knowingly or unknowingly, which has a variety of negative effects on their future. It leads to making them mentally unstable and might lose the sense of right and wrong or any other severe consequences.


Social media is already a part of our life and is a type of technology that will continue to develop. The products and services offered through social media and the connections it promotes will benefit all generations. All thanks to the universities and autonomous engineering colleges in Coimbatore and in India help the students through online courses.

Social media is helpful for students as long as they don’t become addicted to it; else, it could be harmful to them. It all depends on how users use social media, understanding its benefits and drawbacks, and the impact of their actions.