Covid Sanitization Drone | Social Distancing Mask Monitor Drone For Covid Prevention | Covid And Drone

In recent times, the pandemic brought by COVID-19 turned fatal worldwide. This virus is highly infectious and the newly discovered virus is named coronavirus. To stop this virus from spreading, Drones or Unnamed Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are very helpful. This drone-based system can be used to carefully check on the crowd movement at hotspots and further proposes an architecture for handling situations where the risks are high. This architecture is found to be very helpful especially in the areas which are remote or have highly congested parts lacking wireless or internet connectivity since spreading the awareness in such places is difficult. The technology has moved so fast and you can be the next creator by completing your study from KCE, one of the Top Electronics & Communication Colleges in Tamil Nadu.

Doctors and medical professionals globally are working at their best to help diagnose patients, whereas nation leaders are focusing on spreading the message of social distancing. Police and health care workers are indulged in area inspections to tell the public regarding all the measures that can be taken at different levels.

A drone based healthcare system collects and stores a substantial amount of data in fixed intervals that are used later to take appropriate actions as and when needed. It is also used to sanitize a large area, collect thermal images, and do patient identification within a range of 2 km for around 10 mins via fixed aerial routes. In such scenarios, drones are proving to be great assistance no matter which part of the city you look at. It is proved in such times that technology and engineering are helpful in each sector so make sure you are gaining the same expertise with KCE, the Top Engineering Colleges you can opt for.

Various countries have taken into consideration using a drone to be of great use through various measures. Let’s talk about few such scenarios where drones are effectively spreading a good health measure in society:

  • In India, states like Assam, Delhi and Kerala are using drones to make announcements while constantly surveilling the area for any breach in the regulations. Maharashtra government took it a step further where the data is generated for analysis of the area covered via drones. Government authorities have provided special permissions to their police officials and bureaucrats to bring in this drone-based technology for practical use so that vigilance, monitoring, sanitization, data analysis, medication, reports, and future decisions can be done easily. This is done by the people who have shown a passion for technology or got great learnings from colleges like KCE, which is one of the Top Engineering Colleges in Coimbatore.
  • In Australia, drones are flying across cities and detecting people who are facing any sort of doubtful respiratory pattern. This is done via the sensors fitted in the drone that records heart pulse rate, body temperature, respiratory rate and other such patterns. Such designed technology is effective in this pandemic as it can potentially save a lot of lives.
  • In the United States, UAVs are used to deliver a personal medical kit for COVID-19 especially in remote locations. Just like the other implemented drone systems, this one is effective in delivering necessary supplies along with medical requirements. This turned to be highly effective in the US especially with the rural areas where covid symptoms are detected in patients. Technology has played a pivotal role for the evolution of mankind and saving him in the time of uncertainty. Make sure that you don’t fall behind and join KCE, the Top Engineering Colleges in Coimbatore for Mechanical Engineering.