5 Strategic Tips and Tricks for students to crack any Competitive Exams

Competitive exams have become a trend nowadays. Students are ready to prepare for competitive exams even after giving a break to their academics or professional experience. Competition is high to crack these exams. The educational experts from Best Mechatronics Engineering Colleges in India provide the 5 best strategic tips and tricks for students to crack any kind of competitive exam.

No exam is easy and you need to put in hard work to succeed in it. Most of the times students who have passed one competitive exam will pass another competitive exam easily as they know the pattern cracks the exam. For example, a student clearing NEET and who joins MBBS will easily clear UPSC civil services exam.

Learn the secret of such kinds of students from these 5 strategic tips and tricks that will make you help you to prepare and excel in any competitive exam smartly, reducing the pressure and stress you might face during the preparation.

Different types of Competitive Exams in Tamil Nadu

Students from Tamilnadu compete in competitive exams at the State level, National level and even globally. We can see students preparing for NEET, IIT JEE, after completing their schooling and giving a break in their academics. Even after completing college students prepare for UPSC Civil Services Exam, CAT, MAT, TOEFL, ILETS, TNPSC, etc. Some might even quit their job to prepare for the competitive exams.

There are some specific competitive exams for Tamilnadu alone like the TANCET exam. TANCET is conducted by Anna University for MBA, MCA. and ME / M.Tech. / M.Arch. / M.Plan. Students can get admission to the Best Colleges in Tamilnadu after passing the TANCET exam via a counselling process.

Other competitive exams specific to Tamilnadu, National and Global levels are listed in Table 1. Competition for Tamilnadu state exams is less as the students from only Tamil nadu will compete whereas in exams like UPSC exams students from across India will compete.

Table 1: List of Competitive Exams which can be attempted by Tamilnadu students

LEVEL OF EXAMINATION EDUCATION/professional name of the competitive
India – National Level MBBS NEET
BE B.E IIT JEE, BITSAT, KEEE (Karpagam University Engineering Entrance Exam)
Architecture NATA, JNTUPACET
Indian Civil Services UPSC Civil Services Exam (UPSC CSE)
Indian Forest Service IFS
Combined Defence Service CDS exam
Tamil nadu – State Level
MBA, MCA, ME, M.Tech., M.Arch., M.Plan TANCET conducted by Anna University
Tamilnadu Civil Services Different levels of TNPSC exams like Group 1, 2, 3, 4 & other recruitment exams
Higher studies in Foreign countries – World Level To join in any graduation course TOEFL, ILETS, GRE

1. Know the Syllabus of the Exam clearly

All competitive exams will have a syllabus. The first step in preparation is to completely understand the syllabus of the examination. Only when you understand the syllabus thoroughly you can get clarity about the niches of the exam. This also helps you to get proper resources like books to prepare properly for the exam.  

2.  Have a mentor to properly guide you

When you start the preparation for a competitive exam you may not know what to do. You might face starting trouble. At that time a mentor can help you. A mentor can be your parents, teacher, professor, family members, friends or anyone you know. But they should have prior experience in attempting this exam and most probably they should have passed the exam.

A mentor can clearly guide you in the preparation for the exam. They will teach you through their experience. Mentors can help you show the path to crack competitive exams. You can also find a good coaching centre that can mentor you. You get the experience of different teachers from one coaching centre if different teachers handle different subjects.

Where can you find the best coaching for competitive exams in Tamilnadu?

The best competitive exams coaching hub in Tamilnadu is Chennai followed by Coimbatore. Coimbatore also has top coaching centres where students from small cities and villages around Coimbatore come to take coaching. India’s all-time hub of coaching centres for competitive exams is in Delhi, followed by Bengaluru, Rajasthan, etc.

Tamil Nadu government also provides free coaching to economically weaker background students for NEET, UPSC CSE, etc. All India Civil Service Coaching Centre, Chennai and Anna Centenary Civil Services Coaching Academy, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore provide free UPSC CSE exam coaching which is funded by the Government of Tamilnadu. Selected students are given free accommodation and a stipend during the coaching period.

Nowadays many coaching centres are present for various competitive exams. Most of them are money minded and do it as a business. Only some are properly correctly guiding students. Don’t get taken away by the advertisements given by the coaching centres. That might not be true.

You should take proper efforts to select a good coaching centre. You can enquire with the old students, check reviews and their infrastructure before joining any coaching centre.

If many students have passed the exam by learning from the coaching centre, it means the student must have put their full effort to crack the exam. So, the efforts of the student and the coaching centre together will help to crack the exam.

It doesn’t mean if you join a coaching centre you will crack the competitive exams easily. Lakhs of students attend coaching centres, and only a few thousand crack the competitive exams. This shows that the efforts of the students play the main role to win the competitive exams than just the coaching centres.

As an aspirant of any competitive exam, even if you attend coaching centres use the resources available there and put your complete effort to crack the exams.

3.  Make your own strategy

After having basic clarity about the competitive exam, now you should make a strategy to prepare for the exam. Like a timetable to complete the syllabus within this month, practising daily, etc. Mentors can help you in making the strategies. Many resources are even available on the internet. Check the strategies followed by the toppers of the competitive exams even on YouTube.

Gather the information to make the strategy. Finally, you are the one who will be writing the exam, so after getting insights to make strategies, make your own strategy. Your strategy should suit your lifestyle. If you are working make strategies according to that. Only you can make the best strategy that will work perfectly for you. Change the strategy from time to time as needed.

4.Practice several mock tests

This strategy is a top trick. Practising mock tests consistently is required to master and crack any competitive exams. Without practising before you can never do great in competitive exams. If you haven’t practised mock tests and sit in the exam hall you really cannot handle the stress. Practising before can help you take the competitive exams peacefully as you know better time management which is a great added advantage. This can drastically increase your marks and rank in the competitive exams.

Mock tests never mean that you should spend more and enrol in test batches alone. You can make your mock tests. Collect the previous year’s question papers for free from the library and practice those. You can create questions after completely understanding the pattern of the exam and practice them. Your mentor can help you in this in a lot more ways.

5.Revision is key for prolonged memory

This is the final tip that will make definitely help you win the competitive exams. PROPER REVISION is essential to retain the things you have studied in your memory. According to a study, humans forget 56% of the information in an hour of studying, 66% after a day and within six days you will forget 75% of the information.

What can improve your memory retention? A proper revision and following some memory techniques can help you retain your memory for a long time. Loads of information are available on the internet to improve your memory, learn and implement it to increase your memory power. The best revision protocol based on the science behind memory, created by our Karpagam Educational Experts follows up in Table 2. You can use this revision

technique for any competitive exams. This will increase your memory retention to a greater extent.

Table 2: Short term and Long term Memory techniques to retain information

Memory Techniques
Revision Time
To memorize information for short-term
1st Revision Right after learning
2nd Revision After 15-20 minutes
3rd Revision After 6-8 hours
4th Revision 4th Revision After 24 hours.
To memorize information for a long term
1st Revision Right after learning
2nd Revision After 20 – 30 minutes
3rd Revision After 1 day
4th Revision After 2 – 3 weeks
5th Revision After 2 – 3 months

Memorizing information quickly can help you to retain information about what you learned just some days before the exam. Following the long-term memory revision pattern can help you in cracking competitive exams as you will start preparing months or even for years before the competitive exams.

Kudos! You will now crack any competitive exam

These 5 strategic tips and tricks are the best ones curated via the experience gained by your Karpagam experts. You can never find this resource anywhere on the internet as it is the information passed on by many mentors who work in the competitive exams field. Following these strategies will make a difference in your competitive exam preparation which will help you to succeed in your competitive exam.

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Our Professors and Experts also guide our Karpagam students to compete in various State Level, National Level and World Level competitive exams for the growth of our Karpagam students professionally. These 5 best strategies were standardised by our Karpagam Experts to win the competitive exams. Following these tricks consistently as instructed will help you win the competitive exams amidst the high level of competition.