Top most Interview Questions & Answers For Mechanical Engineering Students – Placement Tips

When you first attend an interview as a mechanical engineering student you might be anxious about how you are going to attend it and what questions they might ask in the interview. This article guides you on the questions they might ask you in your interview and prepares you for how to answer them. Along with this you also get some placement tips.

Getting ready for the Interview

Make yourself confident to attend the interview. Be prepared the before day by planning your physical look and the clothes you should be wearing for the interview. Your first impression, attitude and body language matter a lot in the interview.

Be on time for the interview. Prepare beforehand the answers to the questions given below in your own style. Also, be ready to face any new questions which you have not prepared.

General Questions asked in an interview

Interviewers generally start by asking simple questions like introduce yourself, tell about your family, hobbies, etc. Some of these questions are listed below.

  • Tell me something about yourself
  • Let us know what you know about our company?
  • Why do you want to work in our company?
  • What are your hobbies?

Prepare answers to these general questions. Try to be honest with your answers. For example, if you say you like reading books but do not have the habit of reading books then you may be in trouble. The interviewer may also like reading and pops up the next question related to books, you are going to be in struggle there. So, be honest with your answers.

Questions based on Mechanical Engineering Stream

If you have studied atKarpagam College of Engineering (KCE), one of the top engineering colleges in Coimbatore for mechanical branch, the professors here must have prepared you for the interview. You must have been taught all possible technical questionseach semester that you might get in an interview. Some of the most important mechanical engineering stream technical questions are listed below.

What skills are essential as a Mechanical Engineer?

Ans: Some of the skills important for mechanical engineering are problem-solving, decision making, critical thinking, innovation and the love for mechanics. Being very strong in the concepts of mechanics and applying them is really important.

What are all the projects you did in your BE.Mechanical Engineering?

(Tell them about the details of your projects. Be well prepared before.)

Which specialization in mechanical engineering is your favourite and why?

(Prepare for the specialization which you like the most. You might like testing, design engineering, building prototype, engineering analysis, etc. Select the one which you like. Be strong in the concepts which you like and answer them.)

What is Case Hardening?

Ans: When low carbon steel is used for making the outer surface harder for machines and instruments, it is called case hardening.

What is enthalpy?

Ans: In a Thermodynamic system, the heat content is referred to as enthalpy.

Do you know about the Turboprop engine?

Ans: Turboprop engines are effectively used in aircraft as they are gas turbine engines. It is used mainly to power propellers.

Which CAD system do you think is the best?

Ans: Different mechanical industrial applications need different CAD software. CATIA, Inventor and SolidWorks are the best among them.

The above-mentioned questions are just some. Frame your own questions and answers by analysing the different concepts in mechanical engineering. Your answers should be unique. So, it is always best your frame the answers in your style. Only proper knowledge of the basic concepts of mechanical engineering can help you in answering the technical questions.

Placement Tips

The placement tips given below will help you get placed in your dream mechanical engineering company.

  • You may not be selected in your first interview. Don’t lose confidence, prepare well the next time. Make sure you don’t make the mistakes you did in your previous interviews.
  • Develop your interpersonal and intrapersonal skills which are also important.
  • Be strong in your core mechanical engineering concepts and their applications. This can give you a placement in core mechanical engineering companies easily.
  • While answering try to be to the point and don’t blabber.
  • Have eye contact with the person who interviews you.
  • Have a positive attitude and body language.
  • If you do not know an answer, try to come up with an answer or say that you do not know it.

You cannot be proper in your first interview itself. But try to practice as if you are in an interview and answer questions. Get the help of your friends or family and make them the interviewer. Let them question you and answer them as if you are in an interview. This might help you a lot while facing your first interview.

Follow the tips given in this article and do well in your interview. All the best!

Good mechanical engineering colleges can prepare you properly to face the interviews. Try to study in the best mechanical engineering colleges in Tamilnadu like Karpagam College of Engineering (KCE) to be more skilled and get easy placements in core mechanical engineering companies.