Top 10 Professional Engineering Courses to do after 12th

For students who want to pursue science as a career after completing their 12th standard, then engineering would be best and can become a favourite discipline. However, it is crucial that students do in-depth research on the courses at engineering college in coimbatore that match their interests. This guide is to explore engineering courses you can consider this year which is in trend and has career scope.

TEN Engineering Courses to Consider After Schooling:

Engineering courses are among the most popularly chosen courses, and the qualifying requirements include having completed Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics in class 12 and achieving a minimum HSC aggregate of 50%. Every year, thousands of people enroll in the best engineering colleges in coimbatore due to the vast variety of available courses and the seemingly limitless work opportunities. Students can prepare for the JEE main entrance exam which is an add-on to get into their dream colleges.

Software Engineering:

The process of planning, testing, and creating software programmes with the aim of fulfilling certain requirements is covered in software engineering courses. Organizations are searching for better solutions and solution providers as a result of the emergence of effective technologies like cloud services, artificial intelligence, block chain technology, cybersecurity, and many other such innovations.

Data Engineering:

Data engineering courses include how to create databases and processing systems where students can learn how to organize data and create prediction models. This course is one of the most rewarding and challenging ones. Data engineers can find various opportunities and build careers through data management, mining, acquisition and modeling.

Computer Science Engineering:

One of the best engineering programmes in computer science and engineering, and graduates can get into reputable companies. Amazon, LinkedIn, and IBM are among the businesses that employ computer scientists. The common job profiles for engineers who completed their degree in the best computer science and technology colleges in coimbatore are software developer, data analyst, cyber security specialist, and data engineer.

Electrical Engineering:

For students who have a great interest in learning the use or applications of how electricity, and electronics work or areas of electromagnetism, then an electrical engineering course is the best choice for you. And there is a lot of scope in this engineering field and the qualified engineer from the top electronics and telecommunications engineering colleges in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu can be placed in various industries like automation, construction and railways, machinery, control systems, manufacturing, packaging etc.

Mechanical Engineering:

The demand for green technology is increasing and various jobs are available for mechanical engineers. Opportunities for new graduates can be found in sectors including the automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, and medical ones. Mechanical engineers’ primary duties include maintaining and testing these kinds of equipment. Job designation for mechanical engineers is junior engineer, CAD technician, design and process engineer.


Nanotechnology may eventually make it possible for items to collect energy from their surroundings. Students taking the course will learn about areas including the creation of nanomaterials, quantum physics, material science, statistics and thermodynamics, the characteristics of nanomaterials, carbon-based materials, electrical and optical properties of materials, etc. One such wide area that has a chance to revolutionize the world is nanotechnology.

Petroleum Engineering:

Petroleum Engineering aims to give students the knowledge and abilities necessary to analyze and build well structures, techniques, drilling methods, and resource management and development strategies. Students must be able to put the course’s core ideas into practice if they want to become petroleum engineers. Engineers who choose their career in petroleum can work in the oil and gas extraction field, building, pipelines and new fuel development. You can consider this course when you have an interest in learning new and developing skill sets.

Machine Learning:

The future of the machine learning job can also include leadership positions in automation or analytics systems that involve data science, big data analysis, and AI integration. Machine learning requires you to have knowledge of programming languages, statistics, and data evaluation. The goal of the machine learning engineering course or b tech artificial intelligence colleges in coimbatore is to give the students the abilities they need to build and write programmes that can instruct machines to carry out particular tasks without manual support.

Biomedical Engineering:

The innovative combination of engineering and biological and medical procedures is known as biomedical engineering. After completing the course, you may obtain a variety of positions in biomedical engineering, including those for biomedical engineers, installation engineers, researchers, maintenance engineers, and instrument engineers.

Telecommunication Engineering:

It includes several components of electrical, computer, and other systems to improvise telecommunication, making it one of the greatest engineering courses for the future. What do telecom engineers do? There are various opportunities that prevail once they complete their degree in the best electronics and telecommunications engineering colleges in Coimbatore and find the field of design, development and maintenance of voice communication systems. The much-needed fields are satellites, fibre optics, encoding and compression are the areas. The scope of engineering careers includes manufacturing, distribution, telecommunication, computer applications, radio and television, production of analytical devices, and electricity facilities.