NINE Personality and character traits colleges look for in applicant

Colleges look for additional information on your college application than just your GPA and test results. They want proof that you have character traits linked to academic success. You should consider your objectives, successes, and personal values in light of this. After that, you can decide how to express those in your resumes. The freshers who enrolled in the top engineering college in coimbatore need to know how to become a successful person and develop positive behavior towards your goal or future. In this article, you can see the compiled list of personality traits that college students need to have.

Are you a curious cat?

Colleges want to know that you are enthusiastic about studying, not only in one subject but also in general.

Freshers need to show their skills how much you value education, how eager you are to study, and what intellectual interests you. If you can show that you have a growth mindset, which is the opinion that one can improve one’s intelligence, skills, and capabilities through effort.


The autonomous engineering colleges seek out applicants that not only push themselves, but also stick with those challenges, make objectives. This shows the commitment or how good you are in keeping your words in your decisions.

You may have shown persistence by continuing demanding classes or activities even though you weren’t initially successful at them, or any other time you put up a lot of effort to achieve a goal in spite of challenges or setbacks.

The objective is to demonstrate that, despite challenges, you never lose your drive, excitement, or passion for your goals.

Do you love to take part in challenges?

Taking a chance doesn’t always mean doing high-risk things like bungee jumping or mountain climbing; it means stepping outside of your comfort zone. Try a new thing and take part in activities like enrolling in the class, participate in clubs, volunteer in public speaking and give challenges to move one step forward.

Colleges expect freshers who are not scared or hesitant to make mistakes and who recognise that making mistakes is an essential component of learning.

Are you an empathetic person?

College students who care more about their classmates and peers have better levels of self-worth and confidence. Feeling empathy for others, compassion involves acting to lessen their suffering.

Compassion can be used as fuel for a variety of activities, including political engagement, community service work, teaching underachieving children at your college and helping them to become better.

Develop open-mindedness attitude:

It’s okay if someone has a different perspective. There is a saying that “Everyone can see, but views can be different”. And it may be hard when you are in college to interact with individuals from all cultures and backgrounds and to think about concepts, viewpoints, and attitudes that may be different from your own. Colleges want to know that you can respectfully explore other viewpoints and that you welcome the opportunity to do so.

Are you a person who is willing to make the world a better place?

Colleges claim that they are looking for freshers who want to use their education and professional ambitions that focus on betterment of the world. Do you have a connection between your academic interests and a cause that matters to you? You might decide to major in engineering from the top 10 engineering colleges in coimbatore , for instance, and use the knowledge you gain to fight global warming. You can demonstrate your feeling of social duty by consistently volunteering or participating in activism.

Rate your creativity time to time:

Today’s world has a lot more creative people to complete tasks and the industry expects the employee to have creativity skills. Why? Students who are innovative, entrepreneurial, and creative thinkers are highly needed and find a best practice to build in your college activities. For instance, where you have the ability to solve an issue creatively or approach a task in a different or new way that implies you have creative thinking skills.

Do you like to collaborate?

Easily adapting and cooperating with other students is also one of the traits that students should have. In this way you can build leadership skills and can become a more responsible person. Colleges want to see evidence of your ability to work well with others, including professors and students, and that you can prioritize the needs of your team. Even if your team doesn’t succeed, you should be able to show that you were a successful leader of an effective team.

Do you appreciate cultural diversity?

Once you graduate from top computer science and design colleges in South India, you may start to work in new locations or foreign, you need to welcome cultural diversity. As some may not find the same comfort that they can feel in their own place. So, colleges push students to interact with people who are from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and understand them. In this way, you can build and learn a new language or experience how to speak with others whose values are different.