Is the future a Work-from-home world?

When it comes to learning and working, we have been following the age old model of going directly to the institutions and organizations and doing our work by being physically present. Since a long time, due to the advent of technology, our lifestyle has changed to a large extent and we have started relying too much on technology.

Work from home‘ is an option provided by the companies since the past few years for the employees to carry on their work from their homes when they are not able to come to the office. Who would have thought that it would become a norm very soon? KCE, one of the top autonomous Engineering colleges in Coimbatore aims to teach the students on every latest technology and new working model.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the entire world unexpectedly, it was a standstill situation for all the businesses. The first priority was to prevent the human lives and so the emphasis was on that alone for the first few months. After taking a breathe, when it was decided to start running the businesses again, the government and the employers decided to let the employees work from their homes.

As the pandemic didn’t seem to end anytime soon, this work from home model continued for a longer period than expected. And right now, it seems to be the new normal. KCE, one of the best colleges for Engineering in Tamil Nadu provides effective online education to the students at the comfort of their homes during the pandemic times.

There are plenty of advantages when it comes to the work from home model. People need not spend long time on travel to reach their office and to get back home. It saves their time, energy and fuel. They can work with flexibility at the comfort of their homes.

It is also found that the employee productivity has increased immensely after the introduction of this model. The stress levels of the employees have come down considerably when they work from their homes. For the employers, this model helps in cost cutting as the money spent for the employees at the office every day for electricity and food would come down. They can also hire freelancers for the small projects at a reasonable salary.

Like every working model, this work from home model also has certain limitations. The employees tend to get distracted when they work from home due to their family members and the ambiance of the house. This reduces their level of productivity and quality of work. People also get more lazy at their home and they do not feel the responsibility as much as they do in the office.

Also, the employees are asked to work for a longer period of time when they work from home. This drains their energy completely and many have already started feeling that working from the office is a better option. Nevertheless, this new normal is definitely going to be the future and it is our responsibility to get adapted to this model.

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