Office of Student Affairs

Supporting You in Every Step….

Student Affairs, in pursuit of excellence in education, is committed to achieving the institution goals to foster a harmonious campus…
The Student Affairs Office serves a liaison between students, faculty and management. The primary function of Student Affairs Office is to be of assistance to students in any way possible. It leads, directs, and administers overall functions of Counseling Center, Housing at KCE, Students Clubs and discipline. Student Affairs office is to support and foster the intellectual and personal growth of students and helps them explore and experience the different aspects of college life. It is committed to support and serve all stakeholders of the institution. It strives to create the academic campus environment-friendly for learning.

It is recognized for exemplary services and programs that enhance personal and professional development. The Student Affairs Office functions as a friend and guide of a student, it administers his/her needs from the time he/she steps in the Institute for admission, to the time he/she graduates from the institute. The Student Affairs Office provides proactive support and capacity building services to promote co-curricular activities in the institute which could enrich our graduates at every stage of their life as well as they could build strong relationships with their peers and faculty members.

Karpagam Innovation Centre (KIC) and Karpagam Skill Development Centre (KSDC) Innovation and skill development are twin-engines for the growth of prosperity, national competitiveness and knowledge-based economy.Karpagam Innovation Centre (KIC) and Karpagam Skill Development Centre (KSDC) have been established by Karpagam College of Engineering to develop leading-edge innovations and act upon international-level skill development for all sectors of Indian industry and society. Currently, industries and organizations across the world are knowledge-based and their success and survival depend on innovations that have creativity, discovery, and inventiveness. KISDC ignites innovation through seminars. KIC and KSDC promote product-oriented research and development.