How To Rebuild Your Career In Lockdown

Life has taken a different toll for everyone ever since the pandemic started spreading its wings around the globe. Social distancing and sanitizer are new for everyone, and none of us has it all figured out yet. It’s normal for all this change to lead to distraction and demotivation.

These aren’t the only way to escape a cycle of all-nighters on studying and completing homework, but they are here for you to try. Even if these don’t feel right for you, please try something. Your future self will love you for whatever small steps you can take, especially when you set your foot at KCE, the best Computer Science Engineering college in Tamil Nadu.

Build your career and find motivation

1. Start caring for your career

Just because the school or colleges aren’t open as usual doesn’t mean your drive and purpose would be lost. Keep it burning to push you forward in the right path.

Start by thinking why? Why do you want to be in a reputed college like KCE, top engineering colleges and then focus on the actions accordingly?

  • Think of the courses or careers in which you’re interested and how a college can work for you to achieve your career goals?
  • Think of what you value about yourself. Maybe you are creative, patient, detailed, the organizer of social gatherings, or comfortable working independently. How does this relate to how you want to act during this remote school period?

2. Set daily but small goals

Goals set us all in a definite direction, they work best when they are concrete & achievable. You can set up to five daily goals.

Start by writing a list of things you would like to do this week, in each area of your life:

  • What is essential for each class?
  • What about your self-care would feel good this week, like healthy eating, exercising, and sleep habits?
  • How can you stay connected with friends and family?
  • How will you unplug and relax?

3. Keep a space of fun part

Although your preparation to get into a college like KCE, the Best engineering colleges in Coimbatore might be going at a good pace, take some time out to have fun and light-hearted things.

  • Set the scene for your work. Pick a comfy spot, light a candle, play a song you love.
  • Prepare a treat that you only have while you read, like tea or hot chocolate.
  • Make a video call spot with a comfy chair, a pleasing backdrop.
  • Ask a friend to be a study buddy so you can talk through assignments or check in on progress.

4. Think about how you can set the right pace

 Building good habits isn’t easy and it takes a whole lot of time to decide on the final things again and again
But here are some ideas to implement before your admission at KCE, Top engineering colleges in Coimbatore:

  • Set a time trigger: Pick a daily or weekly signal that it’s time for a specific task. Do one school to-do list item over breakfast every day.
  • Control your environment: Look around and get rid of temptations as much as possible.
  • Phone-free hour: We know how easy it is to scroll your feed while also on Zoom. Put your phone in the other room, even if for only an hour of studying at a time.

5. Don’t forget to Relax

Sometimes all that your body needs is a break and coming back stronger to perform well at KCE, the Best Electrical and Electronics Engineering college in Coimbatore.

Here are a few related ideas:

  • Release any guilt for not being productive. Take each day as a chance to start fresh.
  • Look for the bright spots where you can find them — strangers helping one another; instructors checking in on students; communities pulling together.
  • Consider what limits you might want to set on how much you give time to distractions.