Department of CSE

National Seminar/workshops/FDPs/STTPs organized:

One day workshop “ Java Programming” conducted on 19.01.2015.
One day workshop “ Java Programming” conducted on 19.01.2015.
EMC Training program on “VMC certification” conducted on 21.01.2015.
One day Technical Event “GKOSCR” conducted on 27.01.2015.
One day Technical Event “Out of Box” conducted on 05.02.2015.
One Day workshop on Hands on training on Wireless Sensor Networks Using Cooja simulator on 06.02.15
Technical Event “UNIX Day” conducted on 18.02.2015.
Guest lecture on”State Space Representation in Artificial Intelligence “on 19.2.15
OS Day Technical Events conducted on 25.02.2015.
Guest lecture on”Algorithm and Analysis “ on 26.2.15
One day Technical event “KPL DBMS T 20” Conducted on 04.03.2015.
One day Guest Lecture on “High Performance Computing” conducted on 17.03.2015.
National Conference on” Advanced Computing” on 25.3.15
Guest lecture on” Unsupervised learning” on 21.3.15
One day Guest Lecture on “Entrepreneur through Innovations” conducted on 26.03.2015.
A One day workshop on “COMPUTER HARDWARE AND SERVICING (SYSCONNECT)” on 04th August, 2015
Hands on Training in Big Data Analytics on 19th August 2015.
One day workshop on Hands on Training in Big Data Analytics- om 19.9.2015
A One day workshop on “Cloud and Grid Security” on November 25th.
Workshop on Formulation and Funding Opportunities of Research and Development Projects on 22nd Feb 2016.
One Day Seminar on Mobile Application Development on 9th March 2016.
One day workshop on “Internet of things” was conducted on 11th March 2017. Students from various colleges attended the workshop and gained knowledge on various perspectives of IoT.
A Guest Lecture on “Higher Education and its Scope”was organized on 4th July 2016. The Objective of this lecture is to know about the higher studies opportunity.
Hands on Training in “Light Weight Application Development for IOS and Android” for external participants to enhance their knowledge and revealed about the importance and applications of Android Application Development on 9th September 2016.
Guest Lecture on Internet of things was organized on 23th September 2016.
Two days International Conference on Advanced Information and Communication Technology from 24.02.17 & 25.02.17 was organized by the department of Computer Science and Engineering on recent Technologies to enhance new ideas in the field of Information Technology and Communication.
One day Programme on “Workshop on Sysconnect 2016” was conducted on 24th June 2016.
Two days programme “CSI State Level Student Convention”on 23rd and 24th March 2017 organized by department of computer science and engineering Students from various colleges are participant in the events and own the prizes.
One day seminar on “Power of Networking “ was conducted on 11.07.2017.
One day National level Seminar on “Deep learning models for cyber security and Remote sensing” was organized between 13.07.2017 and 14.07.2017.
One day seminar on “PHP “was conducted on 13.07.2017.
Two days Faculty Development Program was organized on” Introduction to Big Data Analytics” between 02.08.2017 and 03.08.2017.
One workshop on “Angular JS -Hands On” on 13.12.2017.
Organized “CSI Student State Level Convention” between 21.12.2017 and 22.12.2017.
Two Days International Conference on“Advanced Information and Communication Technology'18” was organized between 08.03.2018 to 09.03.2018.
One day Workshop on” Python” on 22.12.2017.
One day Workshop on”Cyber Security “was conducted on 20.01.2018.
Seven days Faculty Development Programme on “Theory Of Computation”was organized between 04-06-2018 and 10-06-2018.
Two days Faculty Development Programme on was conducted on “Introduction To Python Programming” between 17-09-2018 and 18-09-2018.
One day workshop on “Virtual Lab” was conducted on 21.09.2018.
Two days workshop on "Deep Drive with Visual Analytics” was conducted between 05.10.2018 and 06.10.2018.
Organized “Cloud Literacy Day” on 30.10.2018 for Ist year CSE students.
Organized seminar on “DEVOPS” on 23-11.2018.
Organized workshop on “LINUX OS “ between 07.12.2018,08.12.2018.