College survival guide for every fresher out there

As a fresher, it is common to worry about how to deal with the new college, including how to mingle with the new atmosphere, whether travelling suits me, how to introduce myself to the new person or to be friends with a stranger. These common confusions and fears you may suffer from. And there are many people, friends and neighbours who may tell you about their college experience. This article will help you with tips on how you are going to survive in the engineering college in coimbatore you just enrolled in.

Be you:

Many freshers make the error of hiding their genuine characters and adopting a false identity in an effort to fit in and get along with new people. They transform every aspect of who they are. It can gradually become oppressive for them. Avoid making this error. Be yourself and don’t do things just because you want to make others comfortable towards you.

How well did you research your college?

Once you have been enrolled in the top engineering college in coimbatore, you can learn more about the history and their accomplishments. You can discover a lot of information regarding its management, faculty, and history. These details are available on the college’s website or in the library. It can be a good start to have a conversation with your friends on your first day. Also, it makes it easier to acknowledge the people.

Make sure you give 100% attendance:

Students sometimes go crazy in college right after high school and skip a lot of lectures. This could turn into a habit and have a negative impact on you. So regularly attend seminars and enjoy the classes. Regular attendance will give you a good reputation and get in the good books of your faculty.

Do follow the rules and regulations:

Many students believe that breaking rules and getting in trouble is a popular thing and you can get recognized in the college but in a negative way. This has been repeatedly shown to be false, and you are simply attracting the wrong type of people. You will enjoy your college experience and be relaxed if you follow the rules and regulations. Then, you may focus on other things and relish your time in college.

Don’t just sit with books alone, build other skills.

Extracurricular activities are one of the best things in college life since they help you grow as a person and improve your college experience. You have various options to participate in extracurricular activities and most of the top 10 engineering colleges in coimbatore welcome the developing attitude in student’s minds. So, improve yourself, and bring honor to your college through intercollegiate events, contests, campus drives, etc.

Be empathetic:

Today’s fact is that the majority of individuals are self-centred and unwilling to lend a hand. You are unique. Be supportive of your classmates. Assistance with lectures, notes, or anything else crucial. Of course, you are under no obligation to assist to the extent that affects your mental or physical health. However, when you are in a position to help, do it.

Continue your sports, if you’re a sportsperson.

If you participated in a sport in high school, be sure to do so in college as well. If it’s a team sport, you can make friends with the team, and if it’s a solo sport, you can make friends with other people who share your passion for the game. Nowadays, the best engineering college in coimbatore provides great attention to the students who are more interested. So, students can participate in athletics and represent the college in significant tournaments that are frequently favoured by the faculty and administration.

Become a social person.

If there are any particular social causes you firmly believe in, you can urge other students to join you in supporting them. Being socially engaged and raising awareness is usually beneficial for new students. However, you need to be more than just socially active to survive college. Be proactive to change things, and make a difference.

Build a strong connection with your seniors.

Seniors often make newcomers uneasy, so they attempt to avoid running into them. But nobody knows what you’re going through better than your seniors from the same college. You’d be astonished at how amiable and helpful people can be if you just say hello and introduce yourself.

There might occasionally be an exception, but don’t let that discourage you. You must make friends with seniors if you want to stay connected with the seniors.

Have time to spend with friends.

If you’re a student from another state, then hang out with your friend or roommate and go for the best places in Coimbatore and explore more. It is okay if you don’t have money to spend on outings, look for places which are affordable and share them with your friends. This way you can make good memories of your college life.

Don’t get diverted and focus on your purpose of joining the top engineering colleges in coimbatore,India. Along with that do the right thing at all times, and never let morality or ethics be compromised. You might not have the easiest time or make the most friends, but you will be the best version of yourself and create friends for life.