Best careers for Electrical & Electronics Engineering graduates | Electrical Engineering job opportunities in India

Electrical & Electronics Engineering is all about designing, developing, testing and making device and equipment that use electricity, electronics and electromagnetism, on the own. It also involves testing and supervising such equipment. Electrical and Electronics engineers are offered with the highest paying jobs and there is a constant demand for them in the industry. They mostly get to work in an office environment and they may need to visit sites only when there are complex issues to be solved in equipment’s. KCE, one of the top Engineering colleges in Coimbatore prepares the students to face the outside world and grab the job opportunities that comes their way.

Career and job opportunities for Electrical and Electronics engineers

The EEE engineers play a vital role in ensuring the reliability and sustainability of the economy by maintaining high quality electrical, electronics and computer control system required for various needs. They can make a career out of various industries that includes transportation, telecommunication, IT, manufacturing etc.

The scope for job opportunities include product design and development, system management, control system, wireless communication, automotive and defense sectors. They can also build a career by getting into the field of teaching. By pursuing their higher education, they get opportunities to become professor in reputed college.

The Electrical and Electronics engineers are hired by leading recruiters like BHEL, Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd., SAIL, NSPCL, ISRO, L&T Construction and Steel industries, Tata Motors, GAIL, Jindal Steel etc. They also have the opportunity to earn better than the students choosing other engineering disciplines. KCE, one of the best Electrical and Electronics Engineering colleges in Coimbatore  provides required training for the students to identify their interest and choose their career in a clever manner.

The following are some of the job profiles suitable for the Electrical and Electronics engineers:

* Electrical engineer

* Control and instrumentation engineer

* Systems analyst

* Systems developer

* Network engineer

* IT consultant

* Broadcast engineer

* Electronics engineer

* Manufacturing systems engineer

The future looks bright for the EEE engineers since there is a need for more smart devices and equipments. In order to make such devices cheaper, the talents of these engineers must be utilized to the fullest. As much as they are preferred in India, they receive job opportunities from other countries also. If the EEE students are interested in Research and Development, they can work in the R&D departments. The electrical power generating sector is being enhanced at a faster pace and this creates lot of opportunities and job prospects for the EEE engineers. They can also become entrepreneurs by starting their own company incorporating all the knowledge and skills learned and acquired during their college days and work experience period.

Karpagam College of Engineering, one of the best Engineering colleges in Coimbatore, is committed towards providing quality education with modern technology and create proficient engineers. With accreditations from top organizations, the aim of KCE is to create future leaders with exemplary knowledge and skills.