5 Best Life Hacks To Make Our Lives Better In 2021

The previous year has taught us all some valuable life lessons that are shaping the way we see our future in various ways. From a students’ aspiration to study at KCE, One of the Top Engineering Colleges in Coimbatore, to an employee experience changing from office scenario amidst multiple colleagues to now work full time at home itself.

The work from home may stay here for some time but this doesn’t mean office space is over. It is seen that work from home has raised the growth significantly. But surveys also showed that 72% of the employees want to return to their office and feel that connection, collaboration and innovation that comes from the office gathering.

Let’s look at the five ways we can say the scenario has hacked our lives and can imaging the future of work:

1. Employees engagement like customers: Mobile, social and AI Technology witnessed rapid growth recently and people now expect a top-notch digital experience. This results in companies upgrading their systems to improve customer engagement as well as hiring employees who are technically sound such as those who have passed out from KCE,  Top Mechanical Engineering College in Coimbatore. The pandemic has put everyone into the spotlight to move away from the office to their homes and this has happened overnight.

2. Being Flexible:  The old school method of 9 to 5 is dead currently and since the world is always on and connected, it doesn’t make any sense to stick to a regular 8-hour shift to perform a job successfully. Workers need flexibility in their work schedule whether it is to manage a client across different time zones, work on a deadline-based project or simply have to manage personal and professional obligations. This stands true over the past year, be it for an employee or a student studying to get their admission at KCE, Top Engineering Colleges.

3. A new role of leadership:  As companies’ workforce shifted to work from home, leadership meaning has changed. Leadership in today’s date requires much more driving results and productivity that you will learn at KCE, Top Engineering Colleges in Coimbatore. It is seen that 75% of employees usually cite their manager as their number one source of valued information but the truth is that a leader can learn a lot from their team since everyone has that one element of leadership with them. This is why it is important to stay connected with the team on a deeper level with video or audio calls as a deeper level of understanding will allow a better and more empathetic leader.

4. Unlock new talent: The work from home structure has allowed individuals to see a new and productive level of themselves that also opened various growth opportunities in them. As remote works are still a part of 2021, students after learning key skills at KCE, Top MBA Colleges in Coimbatore can transcend traditional boundaries and tap into new pools of talent to witness a more innovative, diverse and inclusive workforce.

5. Reimagining the workplace: One very certain thing is that we will not be countering the same workplace the way it used to be. It doesn’t mean that offices won’t reopen, since a majority of the employees want to hit back to the offices some time post-pandemic. However, we can bid goodbye to the sea of desks at offices as a new and more hybrid workstyle tailored around the office requirement and more engagement.