The role of internships and work experience in landing a job with an MCA degree

MCA graduates - best engineering college in Coimbatore

Master of Computer Application, a post-graduate program where you can learn in-depth knowledge about digital technologies, computers and their applications. Pursuing an MCA degree gives various career opportunities and the scope of MCA is growing as technology advancements grow. The best MCA colleges in Tamil Nadu, India offer this two-year course with theoretical and practical knowledge of computer applications. Therefore, students can develop skills in areas like database management, mobile technologies, cloud computing etc. As everyone knows, the IT industry requires professionals who have good skills with an MCA or BCA degree. This article is about how internships are useful for MCA graduates to land in better paying jobs.

Why Internships are Essential for MCA graduates?

The master’s degree helps to grow your potential in terms of skill development and today’s industry expectations. However, students need to prepare and discover the exposure to the corporate world with actual job experience. It is where internships help you can able to meet the demand and able to work efficiently in your desired companies. Let’s discuss in detail about the benefits of MCA graduates in attending internship programs.

Exposure: In today’s times, the recruiter frequently asks or searches for candidates who have work experience. The internship is a one-stop solution where you can get the required exposure and working experience to enhance your skills, be able to apply theoretical knowledge in the real world and be adaptable.

Discovering the real you: It is common for graduates after pursuing the best engineering college in Coimbatore to search for their skill-related jobs which is quite too late. It is where internships help MCA graduates to discover their knowledge and area of interest. Internships give practical experience where you can understand what you are good at and interested in, your goals and how to achieve them.

Resume: When you know what you are good at, then it is easy for you to focus and effort to achieve your objectives. Internships give you the chance to explore your skills in companies where you can actually try for permanent job positions too. The programming skills and knowledge in computer applications software may give you a better chance to achieve your dream job in your desired company.

Expect high return: It means a higher pay scale; internships give the opportunities for the graduates to land better high-paying jobs than the fresher with zero experience. As already mentioned, working experience is important for the freshers, it gives them a competitive edge. Recruiters would prefer the skills and working experience of the fresher.

Confidence: The real struggle for freshers is to get into the corporate world without knowing or having time to adapt. These constraints can be cleared when you attend internship programs. MCA graduates with experience in industries or companies have an idea about how the company or team functions, and your job role which helps you boost confidence to prove your worth in top companies or when you’re looking for permanent jobs.

What are skills you can develop in your internship programs?

Technical skills: MCA graduates need control over coding language to comprehend the meaning or process behind the software. Internships help to acquire technical skills where you can implement and comprehend how coding language is utilised and working frameworks.

Networking: It means internships offer graduates to connect with the various experts in the company or clients. Develop your verbal communication skills, and extracurricular activities to improve social skills and confidence.

Multi-task ability: Being an IT intern could allow you to work on numerous tasks or work. These skills will also be useful for your career because it will be necessary for you to efficiently handle a variety of responsibilities from different projects. To improve your organisational skills, assume roles of authority during group tasks.

Logical skills: You can develop the skills to analyse complex problems, and offer solutions with the proper research and logically. Your intellectual and professional life will make extensive use of your research and scientific skills. Attempt research papers, competitions, and other challenging activities.

Creative skills: It’s important to be creative when working in a specialised industry. Excellent creative skills enable you to present fresh strategies to improve the current cycle and find original solutions to challenging problems. Creativity enables you to stay on course, be helpful, and be engaged in the tasks that you perform.


This may give you an insight into how internships are essential for MCA graduates to have a potential job after their graduation. The internship program offers the required experience and skillsets which the IT industry today demands. The best MCA colleges in Coimbatore include internship programs as part of their course and also motivates the students to learn essential skills to find temporary position. Get hands-on experience before applying for a full-time role and make your resume with a clear set of goals and achievements.