In-demand skills for 2023: Showcasing them in your resume

Soft skills and hard skills - best placement MBA colleges in Coimbatore

Engineers’ resumes should have the skills and prior work experience to drive the interest of the recruiter. They can assess your skills based on what you highlighted in the resume. However, you need to know whether you’re capable by looking at the job description that matches the skills acquired. There are two talents: recruiters will look at hard skills and soft skills that enable you to meet the demands of your line of work today. The abilities highlighted on the resume play a crucial role in differentiating the job market change and companies adapt to new technologies and standards. Therefore, develop engineering skills while pursuing in the best engineering colleges in Coimbatore gain the relevant employment skills required to achieve your dream job and also learn beyond academic programs via certification courses. This article gives the skills that today’s employers look for in engineers’ resumes.

Soft skills and hard skills- Which is your strength?

Employers do not just look at the accomplishments in your resume, they also search for whether you can fit into the job positions to make valuable contributions. Your skill choice makes or breaks you in a competitive environment where relevancy and skills are crucial. Some may have the abilities naturally or enhanced after attending the certification courses or classes. Develop your technical skills along with your soft skills so you can find the dream job and better employment opportunities. Build your resume showcasing your skills to become potential employers with the relevant qualifications. Let’s discuss the skills that today’s employers expect in an engineer’s resume.


Engineers have an inbuilt ability to identify problems and look out for solutions are the major skills which today’s recruiter looks for. They can handle the challenges in their daily work and are able to learn from the experience instead of ignoring the issues. You need to mention how you creatively and independently come up with the solutions to overcome your barriers or complex requirements of a client request that had a huge effect on a successful project.

Management skills:

Engineers are hired because of their technical skills; however, when they are involved in big projects or teams, they need to showcase their skills. The basic management skills that engineers should have are,

  • Communicate in common languages that clients and coworkers can understand.
  • Accomplish milestones or performance expectations on the given time within budget.
  • Coordinate and work with the teams where you can expect the desired results effectively.
  • Managing multiple tasks/projects simultaneously and ability to meet deadlines in challenging conditions.

Technical skills:

Every engineering professional should know how the industry works, and the new skill requirements for a long-term career. Whatever engineering specialization you pursue, ensure you have the skills that recent industries demand. For example, if you’re applying for the software developer position, then you should have the technical skills including cloud security, DevOps, IT automation, full-stack development, and programming languages. Whether you’re looking for remote jobs or in top companies, ensure your skills match their job descriptions.


Ability to assess the model, demo and rework till you can discover the desired results or client approval. For example, some engineering roles include data analysis where engineers need to have proficiency in handling the software to evaluate the business data and foresee the issues or upcoming modifications required in the business model. Prototyping skills help in improving the product quality or safety that is required in the development section.


Engineering roles are decided not only with the technical knowledge but also with the ability to reciprocate and convey the ideas to others and be able to achieve the team goals. For example, engineers need to work in a team or various departments therefore, they need to know how to collaborate, be good listeners, assist the juniors’ work, have leadership qualities and always be open-minded to listen to the coworker’s ideas and opinions on the project. Engineers with good team management are essential for corporate companies.

Critical Thinking:

Engineers should have the ability to analyze the facts, and observations before making decisions. When solving critical problems, the major responsibility that engineers hold is critical thinking. You need to mention in your resume how you solve the problem, analyze the issues from different angles and provide effective solutions to the business.


As today’s economy continues to evolve, engineers must be resilient and have the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. Secondly, the research skills where they have the patience to learn and analyze the data that the project requires. Soft skills are in demand and it is difficult to demonstrate in the resume. You can give previous work experience that matches the company’s job description. The best placement MBA colleges in Coimbatore help engineering students acquire skills with internship programs, projects research and guidance from the experts.