How to Choose Happiness Even During Tough Times?

It’s a necessary part of being human to face the difficulties that life presents. You may be ready for them at times, or you may be totally unprepared. The good news is that even while it’s difficult to have total control over what occurs to you, you can manage your emotional response to whatever unforeseen circumstances you experience. Nowadays, most school and college students may have emotional imbalance and that puts them into tough situations.

Therefore, the best engineering colleges in Coimbatore and Indian universities have an academic advising center for students who are struggling or depressed, letting them converse with their mentors. In this blog, you can find how you can empower yourself and embrace happiness in your life.

Five TIPS to Make your State of Mind Happy!

Hope these methods below will help you maintain a positive attitude as you work and make decisions for yourself.

Surround yourself with positive minds:

The presence of family and friends should uplift us, bring us joy, and generally improve our lives. Since happiness involves more than just feeling good, it also involves the happiness of those around us. Human connection is ultimately what gives life its value.

Being among those we love and care about can boost our self-worth, improve our mental health, encourage positive behavior, and make it easier for us to manage stress. The college freshers may have stress due to the new surroundings, so it is better to keep their environment green. Make new friends!

Love the Simple Things:

Simple pleasures in life demand very little of us. We don’t need pricey items or spa days to make our lives happy. The benefit of being content through difficult circumstances is that we value simple pleasures more than thinking about negative experiences. So, take a nature walk, work in the garden, spend time with loved ones, cuddle your pets, and start your day with a strong cup of coffee and the sun on your face.

And consider how grateful you would be if someone else did not have the same experiences as you.

Be Good, Do Good:

One of the best methods to feel happier is to do good things for other people.

Regardless of the difficulties we encounter, putting the needs of others above our own can make us feel better. It not only saves us from ongoing anxiety but also enables us to enjoy the joy that comes from making someone else’s day. Talk to your elderly neighbors, give someone a compliment, or express your gratitude to a buddy.

Live the Moment Using Mindfulness.

When things are difficult, we worry more about the future and dwell on the past, regretting a lot of things. Happiness, however, only lives in the now, and we must learn to stay there long enough to feel it.

Mindfulness is the best therapy where you have to accept and be clear about your thoughts. Since mindfulness grounds us in the present, it can help us feel better emotionally.

Most teenagers experience such unwanted thoughts or regrets that might collapse the moment. So, being more aware of our thoughts as a result of mindfulness training enables us to identify and eliminate unpleasant thoughts rather than allowing them to develop within us.

Avoid Unrealistic Expectations:

When we hold ourselves to unrealistic expectations or objectives, then it will not bring us satisfaction and fulfillment. We are putting ourselves in a burnout situation. It’s important to keep moving forward during difficult times to prevent getting trapped. Set the SMART goals. Your chances of success increase as your strategies become more straightforward. Celebrate your success when you reach even the smallest of your goals.

Bonus TIPS:

What you can accomplish and value the most in your life defines your level of happiness. A level of belief in yourself decides that you are living a happy life, and this includes when you enjoy who you are and are making the greatest choices for yourself.

For example, if you score good marks, and get placed in top engineering colleges in Coimbatore or any other universities in India, you feel valued, which brings you joy and happiness.

Words have the greatest power you have if you like to be who you are, then they will empower you or else it destroys you. So, be aware of what words you are choosing to say about yourself.


Happiness originates from within and is not reliant on outside influences, like wealth or celebrity. We want to foster this emotion in our lives. Happiness and joy are always achievable, no matter how horrible things may appear to be in the world. Each person is responsible for how they maintain and keep it.