Everything you need to know about ChatGPT

For many years, people all around the world have been concerned about artificial intelligence (AI) and its eventual takeover of society. Following months of ruling the internet with its AI image generator Dall-E 2, OpenAI has maintained its dominance thanks to ChatGPT, a chatbot created utilising the company’s GPT-3 technology. One of the recent trending techs is ChatGPT and how it affects college students and its benefits and consequences of utilizing it. Let’s discuss in detail.

What is ChatGPT?

An artificial Intelligence programme called ChatGPT can read and write texts in natural language. It uses an algorithm called transformer where it provides a large amount of data to figure out the text to generate that sounds like human conversation.

How do College students benefit from this ChatGPT tool?

Are you an art student or pursuing engineering in the best colleges in Coimbatore? Then, it is important to know the trending ChatGPT and its uses & threats.

As students are more likely to use technology as their third hand. They can make use of the ChatGPT in a wise way and it is reported that most college students use it for assignments and other unreliable activities. Here, are the benefits that ChatGPT offers to the students:

  1. Research in Minutes: It saves time and helps you get the information you were searching for it. You can ask and get assistance in various topics ranging from basic facts to in-depth research.
  2. Assisting in Writing: It is believed that students can improve their skills in writing. As it provides feedback on their writing in terms of grammar, syntax and style.
  3. Prepare the exam in an effective way: By providing a concise explanation of the topics so that students may easily understand their subjects, ChatGPT aids in their exam preparation.
  4. Presentation: Students can use this tool to quickly construct the slides or points needed for a case presentation or seminar.

The best placement colleges in Coimbatore also welcomes the technology but within the limits. Although using ChatGPT has many benefits, there are also drawbacks for college students that should be taken into account. Let’s get into it in detail.

Consequences of Utilizing Trending ChatGPT:

  1. Blocks Critical thinking and creativity- The natural language generated by ChatGPT makes it simple for students to rely on the tools to do their assignments. It becomes difficult for them to think critically and creatively when working on their own.
  2. Encourage plagiarism- It creates text that is logical and realistic; this could make it simpler for students to plagiarize work. As a result, it’s crucial to teach students the value of academic integrity.
  3. Hard to find the real and fake- It causes uncertainty over the reliability of online information. Students must assess the reliability of internet sources and validate any concepts.
  4. Encouraging a culture of laziness- This may cause students to depend more on technology and lose interest in independent research and writing. Whether or not anything makes students lazier depends on how it’s used and the student’s mentality.

Most of the information technology colleges in Coimbatore consider the above following to have a negative impact on students. It may lead to learning how it should be use in effective way. So, It is necessary to know how ChatGPT should be used ethically.

Ethical Considerations:

While using ChatGPT, you must be certain of its intended use and must avoid collapsing normal lives. Here are four things you need to know:

  1. Given that this model uses a huge archive of text, the input you provide shouldn’t be biased. To obtain accurate results, it is crucial to offer a broad and representative dataset.
  2. The ability of ChatGPT’s technology to generate text that may be used to spread false information or mock people raises the possibility of misuse or abuse. Avoid exploitation by using it!
  3. It is important to have strong privacy and security controls to safeguard user data and guard against unauthorized disclosure of sensitive data.
  4. Because ChatGPT contains a wide range of representative data, developers, users, and society as a whole must use it responsibly.

In addition, society must think about the consequences of technology and, when appropriate, limit its usage.

Is it a threat that “Replacement of Employment by AI Tools”?

It became a fact that most jobs are replaced by AI tools in future. In that list, ChatGPT includes where routine tasks can be easily automated even data entry, customer service roles and more content-creating areas. Students who graduated from the top engineering colleges in Coimbatore also have to be concerned about these AI tools. As AI can bring a great threat to creative professionals and it is expected to have another 90+ million jobs emerge from these changes.

The most likely jobs expected to replace by AI are

  • Market research analysts
  • Teachers
  • Finance jobs
  • Graphic designers
  • Accountants
  • Customer service agents Tech Jobs- Coders, computer programmers, software engineers, and data analysts.
  • Media Jobs- Advertising, Journalism, Content creation, technical writing.
  • Legal Industry jobs- Paralegals, legal assistants

However, these AI tools are created to make things easier and can do tasks efficiently. As of now, people are likely to depend on technology but it is not completely replaced. And regardless of how successful ChatGPT may be, eliminating work is not now a realistic scenario.