Artificial Intelligence Trends That Will Make a Big Difference in Career in 2024

Artificial Intelligence Trends in 2024

AI technologies have rapidly evolved in the past few years and are seamlessly integrated into our everyday routines and are only expected to grow further in the coming years. Organizations are becoming more adept at leveraging AI and unlocking its potential while individuals are using it to enhance productivity and policymakers worldwide are struggling to regulate AI applications.  Although the cost and ease of accessing AI technologies have decreased in recent years, challenges persist in areas concerning trust, bias, accessibility, and regulation. Addressing these issues is crucial to fully realizing the potential of AI as we move ahead.

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Music and video AI technologies : The latest generation of generative AI tools is far more advanced than the chatbots and image generators that we have seen so far in last year. These new tools can create videos and music, and they are becoming increasingly powerful and easy to use. They are being integrated into creative platforms and productivity tools, similar to the ChatGPT technology. With the emergence of new and exciting applications like AI-integrated design tools and voice simulation tools, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to distinguish between real and computer-generated output, as this skill is becoming more valuable.

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AI ethical practices : AI has emerged as a game-changing technology, having the potential to be disruptive that it must be developed and used responsibly to minimize negative impact. Some of the risks associated with AI technologies include unaccountability, job displacement and unregulated growth. 2024 is about addressing these issues and looking out for new ones. 

The demand for AI ethicists is on the rise, as businesses strive to demonstrate their commitment to ethical practices and implement necessary precautions. 

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AI in customer service : Customer service operations is a complex mix of routine and critical tasks and is an ideal domain for integrating AI technologies to automate repetitive tasks, freeing up humans to concentrate on more demanding issues. AI can be used to classify initial contact calls, generate personalized solutions to routine issues, generate reports and summarize customer interactions and these technologies are expected to be employed by most organizations for handling their customers in the coming years.

Enhancing work efficiency : Augmenting human intelligence and capabilities to enhance work efficiency and safety will be a crucial skill in the workplace. For instance, lawyers can leverage this technology to quickly summarize case law and expedite contract drafting. Medical professionals can use it to prepare patient notes and analyze medical images. Programmers can utilize it to accelerate software development and testing processes. It is even beneficial for students to organize notes and research data. For job seekers, it can be an effective tool to craft impressive resumes and cover letters.

Augmented AI Apps : With a surge in the development of generative AI functions in software and applications, companies like Bing, Google, Office, Snapchat, Expedia, and Coursera have integrated chatbot functionality into their platforms to enhance customer experience. Despite concerns over data protection and customer privacy, which may have deterred service providers from adopting AI, solutions to these challenges are anticipated as AI providers adapt their services to meet market demands. One example is Adobe’s integrating AI technologies into its Firefly design tools, which are trained entirely on proprietary data to mitigate concerns over copyright and ownership issues that may arise in the future.

Streamlining coding using visual interfaces : With forecasts that application development will be done with low-code/no-code tools by 2024, the advent of generative AI tools like ChatGPT allows people to create and test applications quickly. However, it is unlikely that coding and software engineering jobs will disappear in 2024 because people are needed to develop AI tools primarily. However, numerous exciting opportunities are available for creative individuals with excellent problem-solving skills but lack hard technical skills.

AI Jobs : The field of AI is expanding rapidly, opening up a plethora of technical job opportunities in the coming year making it a worthwhile career choice. Pursuing specialized programs in BTech IT colleges in Tamil Nadu will enable you to meet industry requirements for competent AI and data science professionals. While computer scientists will continue to be in high demand for building AI systems, there will also be a need for engineers who develop the codes to direct AI applications, and AI managers, to manage virtual teams, as well as AI project managers, trainers, and ethicists. Tech professionals can find plenty of opportunities in AI engineering and DevOps.

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