Aerial Photography Using Remote Flying Robot

Aerial photography is the method of taking a photograph of an area taken from a place above the ground. Nowadays Aerial photography is developed so much, thus it is used for so many purposes such as land surveys, movies, weddings, etc. The aerial photograph gives us a better understanding of what’s around the area. Since the picture was taken from a height where the surrounding is visible.

Nowadays, Aerial photography and videography were evolved so much that it is used in weddings and many events. Since it will give us a different perspective of our surroundings. The traditional way of taking an Aerial photograph is by flying over the area and taking photographs as we take on the ground. But this method was costly to take a single picture as it needs a helicopter or some other aircraft to fly around the area.

Introduction about the Remote Flying Robot:

Remote flying robot is not a familiar word for many of us. The remote-flying robot has other names too. They are

  • Unmanned Aerial aircraft
  • Remote pilot system
  • Remote-controlled aircraft
  • Drone

The drone evolved so much that when hearing the word drone many peoples know in a way that drone is a flying camera used for taking pictures from the sky. The most common commercial use of drones is to take Aerial photography or Aerial videography.

The way of talking about Aerial photography now totally depends on the drone. There are so many drones available for Aerial photography based on usage.

The basic thing we need in a drone for Aerial photography is a high-quality camera. Because when taking pictures from a long distance the details in the picture can be easily damaged. In order to control the damage, we need a good quality image-capturing sensor and a good lens to capture the light and coordinate the light in a good manner.

Applications of Using a Drone:

  • When we use drones, we drastically reduce the cost of taking a picture. Drones are a one-time investment as we can use drones as per our needs. We can easily fly a drone where ever we want to take a picture.
  • In the view of operating the drone its quite easy compared to a helicopter or other aircraft. We need stable weather for the aircraft to fly in the sky. In the case of drones, a trained pilot is enough. As it is not that dangerous when there is no stable weather condition. When using drones for aerial photography we can easily get the frame we need as we can move the drone anywhere we need.
  • The difficulties in the traditional way of taking an aerial picture are much higher. We can almost cut down all the difficulties.
  • In many movies, the directors prefer to go for aerial shots as it looks amazing to us. The photograph will look great when it was from a different perspective compared to our normal point of view. The drones used for movies and documentaries are much costlier and have a high potential imaging sensor. Even many travels related YouTube channels use drone videography for showing us the best possible view of that place.

Is everyone can have one drone?

In view of owning the drone, we need to register the drone and have a valid unique identification number issued by the DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation). The unique identification number is known as the UIN of the drone it is like the registration number of the vehicle. Every drone must need a valid UIN.

Whenever we carry a drone, we need to carry the registration document with us because it is illegal to fly a drone above 250g without a unique identification number. For flying a drone above 2kgs everyone must have a remote pilot license issued by the DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation).

The drone used in movies and documentaries has much higher specification hardware compared to commercial use drones. One of the common differences between commercial drones and the drones used in the movie industry is that in the bigger drones we can attach whatever camera we needed. In normal commercial use of drones, we can’t detach the camera or we can’t change the imaging camera.


When speaking about aerial photography nowadays we totally depend on drones for taking photographs. The only difficulty in drone aerial photography is that the time of flight is lower compared to the traditional way but we can easily overcome the difficulty by having another set of batteries. A skilled pilot is enough for taking aerial photographs. The field of aerial photography has developed so much after the implementation of drones in the field.

According to the research on drones, you need a few teams with creative vision. I sincerely hope the same is true for you and am appreciative that attending the best engineering college in Coimbatore for my undergraduate degree allowed me to investigate and discuss the current state of technology in my industry.

Student Name: Arun E
Class: II-year B section
Department: Mechanical Engineering