Central library has 78,184 volumes (27,770 titles), 467 National and International journals and magazines., 11,873 Back volumes, 3643 CD ROMs, 6366 Project Reports, 12 newspapers, NPTEL, SPRINGER, DELNET, adds impetus to the thrust for knowledge.


Institutional Membership with

  • CSI
  • Institution of Engineers (India)
  • IETE
  • ISTE

Individual departments are also equipped with their own libraries and state of the art laboratories.

Web-based learning

The Internet is an open information system in which various sources of information, media and materials such as texts, images, video sequences can be linked together in diverse ways to form so-called self-learning environments.

  • Institute created Wi-Fi Connectivity powered with 155 mbps lease line enables students to pursue learning initiatives away from the classrooms as well.
  • Central internet facility available to promote and motivate students to self-learning.
  • Online video lectures are available through NPTEL, DELNET, and Webinar etc.
  • NPTEL Video lectures are available for in the web address