10 Tips To Apply Proactive Learning | Proactive Approach To Virtual Education

If you’re worried about how teaching has changed and shifted to the virtual classroom, then don’t worry, you are not alone.

You’ll need to focus on how to adapt your classes, study materials, and assignments to be according to the online lectures. Another important thing to notice is how the students might find it difficult to adjust—being a single student or as a group. When you start the process of online teaching, try to keep these 10 ways in mind to become a better leader and helpful for your students during this difficult time.

1. Ensure Your Students Are Equipped Technically
As fast as you find out: Are all the required technology available that your students need to fully participate in a virtual classroom? Do all students have access to the required technology which performs the functions which are important for online learning, and does the required device have the basic software installed which the students need to run classroom lectures before they resume physical classrooms at KCE, one of the Top Engineering Colleges.

2. Give Voice to the Trauma of What Is Happening
The Covid-19 situation and all these social distancing have created stress and discomfort amongst students. As a good teacher, you need to first understand their psychological conditions and you need to give them some time and space to understand the voice and emotions that they are experiencing in their head before you start to teach or start a new chapter.

3. Set Ground Rules Early On
When you start the teaching you should establish some ground rules. You need to guide them not to stress themselves by doing multitasking or tell them to avoid checking their cell phones during class. You should make the rule where students have to keep the camera on throughout the class. These are small but important things that make a lot of difference, especially when you begin with KCE, the Top Civil Engineering Colleges in Coimbatore.

4. Find New Ways to Check in with Students
Make sure that students should have all the opportunities where they get to speak about new state affairs. More and more students should engage in these kinds of conversations. Tell students that this is the new world which no one is sure of how long it is going to last but as a teacher you will help them throughout the semester.

5. Create an Effective Culture for Your Virtual Class
Creating a productive online class is very difficult and important. It needs a lot of work and attention. You need to always keep an eye on students if they’re understanding what’s going on so that students don’t feel like they have less access to you than their peers do while being at KCE, Best Engineering Colleges in Coimbatore.

6. Diversify Modes to Enhance Engagement
Build diversity in your classroom. After every 20 minutes try to change the patterns like how you engage with the students. Try to use different modes like videos, slides, polls, lectures, simulation, etc. Having diversity helps in keeping the attention of students in class and it’s productive.

7. Recognize the Psychological Impact of Screen-Only Learning
In online classrooms, students and teachers make feel the environment is very isolated and lonely because there’s no face to face interaction. If you try to have an informal and unplanned conversation with the students you will realize that these interactions will help in building the interest of students which will result in an excellent overall learning experience at KCE, your best choice of Civil Engineering Colleges in Coimbatore.

8. Proactively Assist Struggling Students
There are few signs of struggling students that you need to notice. These students will be a little withdrawn, they usually communicate less or don’t communicate at all. They are very inhabitant during video classrooms. They don’t participate in any kind of classroom discussions. You need to talk to these students because they need more engagement and contact. You need to ensure that they have what they want.

9. Trust Your Students
When you start the virtual classroom and when you initiate to teach your students in an online classroom you need to keep in mind that you need to have trust in your students. It’s said that the way you need to make people trustworthy is to trust them. So you should keep this in mind while being at KCE, the Best Mechanical Engineering College in Coimbatore.

10. Stay Positive

You should remember a few important and positive aspects while moving to digital learning. You need to remember that students are developing online skills that are going to help them in future or throughout their careers in the digital age. You should take this challenge and take advantage of the power of online learning. It can turn out to be a wonderful and successful experience for not only you but also for your students.